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.NET Data Provider for Teradata
The .NET Data Provider for Teradata is an implementation of the Microsoft ADO.NET specification. It provides direct access to the Teradata Database and integrates with the DataSet. .NET Applications use the .NET Data Provider for Teradata to load data into the Teradata Database or retrieve data from the Teradata Database.  
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How can I load files into TD tables using .NET (C#)
Hi, I'm writing a program that connects to TD. During execution i'm creating a class structure that i need to move to TD DB. In .net i can use Bulk Copy or write the data into text files and then use Bulk Insert. Is there an easy direct way of doing that in TD (like bulk copy or bulk insert)?
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Session doesn't finish after connection closing in .Net application
Hi, I am developing an application in .Net and using .Net provider for TD. I have the code as below. I am selecting the session no, setting a queryband and running a query and setting the query band off. Few of the values are coming from my windows form textboxes. This code runs at the click of a button on my form.
.Net Provider DateTime-Timestamp Data Type
I need to query a teradata table by referencing a column that is of type Timestamp(6). I'm not successful at getting the right format so far. What do I need to set the Size, Precision, and Scale values to for this to work. (By size, precision, and scale I mean these parameter values in Visual Studio's Dataset Editor)
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Copy records from Teradata to SQL Server
I have a VB2012 application that I have successfully setup to connect to our Teradata server. I have set it up using the data adapter for .NET. With my testing I can hit the Teradata db via the TdDataReader or TdDataAdapter (resultsing in a DataTable) and all that is working great.
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Error inserting null value into nullable field using TdCommand
I have the following unit test which is failing due to a TdException with the message "[Teradata Database] [2689] Field is null for column defined as NOT NULL."
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Cannot convert from Db.DateTimeOffset to Td.TimeStampWithZone
I am attempting to execute a parametrized non-query SQL command using TdCommand.ExecuteNonQuery().  The parameter in question is DbType.DateTimeOffset and TdType.TimestampWithZone; the parameter value was generated using DateTime.Now and appears to be completely defined (as verified via the Visual Studio debugger).
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No transaction rollback when using TransactionScope without Complete()
Hello, I have a simple unit test which is failing the final assertion:
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In-Lining of LOBs in .NET Data Provider for Teradata 15.0
This will be part 1 of a multi-part blog about how the .NET Data Provider for Teradata 15.0 can now In-Line Large Objects (LOB)  that are sent to a Teradata Database when executing an INSERT or UPDATE statement.  This first blog will introduce In-Lining of LOB.   Blogs will also be written that discuss how to take advantage of this featur
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.NET Data Provider for Teradata supports Visual Studio 2012 and 2013
.NET Data Provider for Teradata version (or above) supports integration with Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013. This exposes the .NET Data Provider for Teradata objects necessary for development of ADO.NET applications utilizing the Teradata Database within Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.
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