Privacy Policy

Version 2015 April 13. Replaces all prior versions in their entirety.


Please note that capitalized words have specific definitions stated somewhere in this document. "Teradata" refers to Teradata Corporation and its affiliates. This "Website" refers to all webpages that have a hypertext link to this Privacy Policy. "Privacy Policy" refers to this, or subsequently published versions of this, document. "Personal Data" is defined as any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual.

Section I (PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT) of the PRIVACY terms posted at apply to this Website, except as amended and supplemented by this Privacy Policy. Section II (TERMS) of the PRIVACY terms do not apply to this Website.

Privacy Policy For This Website

This Privacy Policy describes Teradata’s practices regarding the collection, use and retention of information about you in connection with this Website. The applicable Privacy Policy is the current Privacy Policy, not the Privacy Policy in effect at the time the information is collected.

Teradata may change the Privacy Policy at any time for any reason without notice, so you are advised to regularly check for new versions of the Privacy Policy. However, if this Website provides, and you select, an option regarding privacy, Teradata will not change your selection of that option without your consent.

If you are not comfortable with the current Privacy Policy, you should do one or more of the following: (1) modify your user profile so that you are comfortable with your user profile in light of the current Privacy Policy, (2) delete your user profile, (3) discontinue your use of this Website.

Collection, Use, And Protection Of Data 

Except as stated in this Privacy Policy, Teradata (1) does not collect any information about you or your computer in connection with this Website, (2) will not use information about you collected in connection with this Website, and (3) does not disclose information about you collected in connection with this Website to third parties. This website is not configured to change the data collected in response to “do not track” or similar settings in your browser.

Teradata may collect the Internet Protocol address of your computer for data about use of this Website (for example, unique visitors or country of visitor). Teradata may collect data about pages visited, software downloaded, and services used. Teradata may publish aggregates of such data in descriptions of this Website.  Such data may be used in promoting this Website and in efforts to make this Website more useful to the community. Teradata does not match such data to information about you (for example, a user profile you create).

If you choose certain activities on this Website (for example, to provide content), you will be required to register by creating a user profile. Except for your e-mail address and password, your user profile and the content you post may be viewed by the general public accessing the Website. Teradata is not responsible for the collection, use and retention by others of information that you make publicly available on the Website. You control what information about you is publicly available on the Website by the activities you choose, the content you post, and what you put in your user profile. However, note that the terms of use require that you do not falsely identify yourself, your employer, or other affiliations.

The only private information Teradata collects in connection with this Website is the email address and password you provide if you create a user profile. Teradata stores your email address and hashed (one-way encrypted) password, and uses reasonable efforts to secure them. Teradata may use your email address to send you messages from time to time regarding the Website. You may opt out of receiving such messages, except such messages as Teradata believes are necessary to administration of the Website (for example, changes of policy, violations of the terms of use, or compromises to personal data).  

Teradata uses cookies to remember your “sign in” information as a convenience to you, and to maintain a certain user interface state for the Website. Teradata does not use cookies in connection with this Website for any other purpose. Teradata does not use web beacons in connection with this Website.

You agree that the information about you collected in connection with this Website and in accordance with this Privacy Policy may be transmitted to, stored in, and processed by systems located in the United States and managed by Teradata employees. Teradata may disclose information about you when required by law.

You may modify or delete your user profile at any time the Website is available. If you are unable to modify or delete your user profile, you may contact the webmaster with detailed instructions on modifying or deleting your user profile. If you want to modify or delete content you posted, you may contact the webmaster with detailed information identifying such content. Depending on the circumstances, the webmaster may choose to respond to your request by disassociating your user id from the content you posted in order to preserve the content others posted. If 30 days after contacting the webmaster your user profile or content have not been modified or removed to your satisfaction, contact General Counsel/Notices, Teradata Corporation, 10000 Innovation Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45342.

General Privacy Matters

This Website is intended for adults. Teradata does not knowingly collect data from anyone under 13 years old.

You agree that another entity may acquire a business from Teradata (whether through acquisition, merger, or sale of assets) that includes this Website and all information collected in connection with this Website (including information about you) without obtaining further consent from you.

This Website may contain links to other websites. The collection, use, and retention of information about you in connection with such other websites is governed by the privacy policies, if any, of such other websites.

Teradata Corporation is responsible for this Website. If you believe this Privacy Policy has been violated, contact: General Counsel/Notices, Teradata Corporation, 10000 Innovation Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45342.