Invite a business colleague to Teradata’s largest business community of customers, experts, and academics – The Teradata River. Members are typically business management and executives who would like to engage with like-minded peers in Industry and subject-matter discussions such as:

  • Peer Executive Groups:
    • Retail Executive Peer Group
    • CRM World Forum
    • Travel & Transportation
    • AAPAC-Advanced Analytics Product Advisory Council
    • Financial Executive Forum
  • Forum discussion:
    • Integrated Web & Enterprise Data (eg. "Cloud Analytics")
    • Web & Social Media (eg. "Social Media: A Framework for Defining Value")
    • Mobile (eg. “Consumers Embrace Mobile Advertising")
    • Privacy, Identity & Consent (eg. "Lenders using Facebook to gather information")
    • Customer Relationship Management (eg. "Is Lead Generation Killing Marketing?")
  • Multimedia content:
    • Cloud Analytics Interview: Gartner’s Bill Gassman (Interview)
    • Customer Managed Information and Relationships (Interview)
    • Leadership Imperative for Social Media (Video)
    • Privacy, Consent and Preferences in Online Banking (Interview)
    • Coca-Cola’s Single Customer View, Portable Data & Social Media

To request an invitation for yourself, simply email Or let a colleague know about Teradata River by clicking here.