Teradata Parallel Transporter, a high-performance parallel and scalable extract and load utility for Teradata, allows users to launch ETL processes that interact with various sources and targets by creating and submitting TPT job scripts.

TPT job scripts are highly customizable, and as is the case with any other scripting language, a good understanding of the language’s basic applications is necessary before developing more complicated scripts and use cases.

This presentation provides an overview of how novice, intermediate, and advanced users can take advantage of TPT’s simplified and specialized scripting features. These use cases highlight TPT’s command line script generator, TPT’s simplicity scripting features, and TPT’s more advanced transformation and filtration capabilities. These use cases follow a linear path, where the intermediate examples will build off concepts discussed in the novice examples, and the advanced examples build off concepts discussed in the intermediate examples. In addition, this session gives an overview of some of the new scripting features found in TPT 15.0.

Teradata Release information: Teradata Release 14.00 and 14.10

Presenter: Ryan Berti - Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Data Warehouse Architect/Designer, Data Warehouse Technical Specialist

Course number:50907
Training URL:http://www.teradata.com/t/ten/
Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00