The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop is a flexible offering of products and services for our customers to integrate Hadoop into a Teradata environment and across a broader enterprise architecture, while taking advantage of the world-class Teradata service and support. The Hadoop Channel covers the hardware and software features, tips and best practices on all the components of the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop.

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Architecture of Presto, an Open Source SQL Engine

Presto is an open source distributed SQL engine, originally developed by Facebook for their massive Hadoop data warehouse.

Why We Love Presto

Concurrent with acquiring Hadoop companies Hadapt and Revelytix last year, Teradata opened the Teradata Center for Hadoop in Boston. Teradata recently announced that a major new initiative of this Hadoop development center will include open-source contributions to a distributed SQL query engine called Presto.

Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop

This webinar provides an overview of the Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop solutions.