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Business Rules: The Promise of Data Warehousing, Remember Your Map!

Business rules are critical when tackling any data warehouse project, and become even more important in an active warehouse environment.

Implementing MicroStrategy Business Intelligence with Teradata

This presentation provides an overview of the optimizations implemented by MicroStrategy to leverage Teradata data warehouses, a brief overview of the MicroStrategy product architecture, and reviews a number of techniques and settings that can help in MicroStrategy implementations with Teradata.

Temporal EDW

This session describes the temporal database model. Temporal support is new to any major database vendor. Teradata 13.10 provides internal support for defining temporal objects such as tables, views, macros, and how to maintain and query them.

Privacy is Emerging as the Limiting Factor for EDW Initiatives

Three trends in Enterprise Data Warehousing today are raising privacy concerns and increasing business risk:

Advanced Analytics in a recessionary environment: more critical than ever

The past year has been highly volatile and unpredictable. Economic forecasts and stock market sentiment are in constant flux. Within this uncertain period lies some hidden opportunities. As painful as the situation may be, it has forced businesses to examine all of their practices and look for ways to do things differently. Advanced Analytics can be a critical component in determining how to survive the downturn and, more importantly, be positioned to thrive during the recovery.

Business Intelligence Optimization with Teradata

This webcast describes how you can leverage Teradata and a semantic layer to provide optimized performance for Business Intelligence (BI) toolsets. The presentation covers design of a semantic layer to work with ROLAP solutions such as MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Oracle BI, Cognos, and Microsoft Analysis Services. This is a technically oriented presentation targeted to those that are deploying BI toolsets on top of Teradata, or have an existing BI environment that requires optimization.

The Capacity for Success: Considerations for Effective Capacity Management

Have you found Capacity Planning to be an unfruitful chore? Do you find yourself continually surprised by new applications surfacing on your data warehouse with little warning or poorly defined resource requirements? Is Capacity Planning only done as an eleventh hour means to budget forecasting? Effective Capacity Management is a critical aspect of a solid Performance Management Foundation.