The practice of modeling data prior to a data warehouse implementation has long been a pillar of Teradata best practices. Yet the value of this practice is often questioned by those looking for shortcuts.

Some have a physical model on a different database and want to port it unchanged to Teradata Database to avoid impact to existing applications. Others see modeling as an expensive, time-consuming exercise that is more academic in nature and removed from practical realities. Rather than reprising best practices in data modeling techniques, this session will focus on calling out the risks of NOT modeling. Using case studies and real-world examples, this session will drive home the importance of revisiting modeling decisions prior to a Teradata migration.  And it will highlight practical steps to achieving a high-performance, robust warehouse. We will also explore some of the enabling features within the Teradata DBMS that help accelerate the performance of well-modeled databases.

Note: This was a 2012 Teradata Partners Conference session.

Presenter: Thomas Manfredi, Principal Consultant – Teradata

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Audience: Data Warehouse Architect/Designer, Data Warehouse Modeler

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Format:Recorded webcast
Credit hours:1.00