Have you ever been doing business with a company only to think “why can’t they do this better?”, “didn’t they already ask me this question?” or “I have been their customer for 10 years and they still don’t know me?”

In this fast paced world where more and more information seems to be available, why do some many companies fail to take advantage of it? A large part of the reason is the focus of business intelligence is pointed in the wrong direction. Most companies use BI tools to understand the past as it relates to their specific processes. Instead of Business Intelligence, the focus needs to be on running an Intelligent Business! This means looking at all the data available to you and pointing towards the customer outcomes not the corporate processes.

In his engaging style, Rob presents ideas and examples designed to get you thinking about how to turn business focus in the right direction. He also shares some tools that can help you make this possible today. Come with an inquisitive mind and leave with some great ideas to make your business more intelligent!

Presenter: Rob Armstrong - Teradata

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