Business rules are critical when tackling any data warehouse project, and become even more important in an active warehouse environment.

But, often, those rules fail to be addressed adequately in either the analysis or design phases of system development. Often, business rules have been buried in program code or in database structures. It turns out that the identification of business rules is important in its own right. Moreover, it is different from the definition of data structure in a data model, and from the definition of processes.

Getting to the heart of business requirements involves an understanding of the enterprise at a deep level, initially, without regard for the technology. Before you ever get to the technical or even the procedural details, it is imperative to have a conceptual layout or map of the enterprise and its function and structure. Only then should one proceed forward to determine how the Teradata technology will help do these things more efficiently.

In this presentation, we proide insight into analyzing business rules, a necessary step before embarking on data warehousing projects.Presenter: Alison Torres - Director, Teradata Warehouse Consulting, Teradata Corporation

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Audience: Teradata IT Professionals who want to understand how their business rules impact the design of the Teradata data warehouse

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