The Service Focus Team is a committee of the Partners User Group that works closely with Teradata on issues related to support services and other areas that fall beyond the scope of product enhancements. Members represent the concerns of Teradata customers by serving as catalysts for service improvements, providing ongoing feedback to Teradata and the Partners Steering Committee. And now we're looking for new members.

Service Focus Statement

Teradata customers can request additional support by submitting a Service Focus Statement. The Service Focus Team either approves or rejects the submitted statement, based on whether or not the Service Focus Team can help the customer. If the Service Focus Team accepts a Service Focus Statement, the team works with the customer to resolve the critical issues.

2011 Service Focus Team


The scope of the SFT's responsibilities are service-related areas that include, but may not be limited to, the following: Local/Remote Support, Hardware/Software Quality, Professional Services, Product Management, Sales Support, Customer Training, Documentation, Product Ordering, and other areas deemed appropriate by the Partners Steering Committee.


  • Identify service issues or gaps in processes that affect customer services and support
  • Distinguish between issues that are global in nature and those specific to an account or region
  • Escalate customer-specific problems and issues when appropriate
  • Represent the concerns of Teradata data warehousing customers”

Next Steps

Interested in finding out more? Post a question in the comments section below. Visit the Service Focus Team website. And if you're ready to apply, download and submit the SFT application form

mandre 3 comments Joined 07/10
21 Sep 2010

What an awesome team! And good looking too...look at that photo!! Seriously, this is a great team and well worth the time if anyone is considering membership. Talk to the members to find out more.

lucasfilm 7 comments Joined 05/09
23 Feb 2012

Hi. We have a poster of Teradata v12 Data Dictionary Views. It's from 2007. It gives you a great overview over DBC. Do you know if there's a new version available from "someone".

Phil 2 comments Joined 09/09
23 Feb 2012

There was no V13 poster published but they are going to be publishing a poster for V14 and they hope for the new poster to be available mid-May 2012.

There are online version of this data and you can view them using the links below.

Data Dictionary 13.0

Data Dictionary 13.10

Data Dictionary 14.0

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