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View Point Information Topic by gatpasrikanth 11 Apr 2012

Hi Can any one explain me how to get detaled information of query like we get in teradata veiwpoint....i don have access T V please help me out in coding teradata to get all the information.

Thanks to All in Advance.......

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VP Tag Library / e.g.: vp:dataGrid Topic by Yvonne 12 Apr 2012

Im looking for this Tag Library: <%@ taglib prefix="vp" uri=""%>


Maybe there is also a reference about the syntax!

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Viewpoint and DBQL logs Topic by Greyghost 11 Apr 2012



Can Viewpoint be used to produce a readable report from the DBQL logs, or is this something that needs to be done using basic SQL?



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Alert questions Topic by ldye 23 Mar 2012 viewpoint, viewpoint tasm tdwm alerts

We are on Viewpoint 13.12 and I have a couple of questions about Alerts.

1)  Is there a way to export our current alerts to a file?  I don't need a list of possible alerts; I need a file of OUR alerts we have set up. Not sure if there's a way to do this.

2 replies, 7 years ago
Query Band tab in the Query Monitor Topic by TGooch44 06 Feb 2012 viewpoint, querybanding

Is there anyway to alter how Viewpoint displays the queryband in the queryband tab in Query Monitor?  Prior to upgrading to VP 14.0, we were able to see the full queryband, but now it gets chopped off and I can't see the information that I'm looking for, I've attached a picture of what I'm talking about:


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Error while defining new 'Teradata Accounts' in Viewpoint Topic by b.mahendrajallavenka 28 Dec 2011


I happen to install Teradata viewpoint 14.00 ( went smothly), but when i tried to a new system for monitor   ( Admin --> Teradata Systems    or Profile--> Teradata Account)

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"Holes" in Viewpoint Capacity Heatmap data Topic by ericg0934 12 Mar 2012

I can display a 1- or 3-month heatmap with various metrics chosen.  However, I get "holes" in the output/heatmap.  One seems consistent through many metrics: it is the 3/11/2012 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM block.  The others are 3/5/2012 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM block and same date, but 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM block.  The first block opens another question: Why does it indicate a two -hour range?  The block immedi

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Using Filters to Disable logons through Viewpoint Topic by Laughner 04 Mar 2012 viewpoint, filters, disable logons

Would like to know if filters are a good way to dis-allow logon connections to database for selected groups  and/or profiles?  I suspect sessions already connected to database will not be filtered?  Is this correct?

Looking to use filters to control access to database while performing updates or runing batch processing.


Would appreciate any/all insights.  Thanks!

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Not able to rewind to 29th Apr 2012 Topic by terateq 01 Mar 2012


I'm not able to rewind to yesterday i.e. 2/29/2012, it is allowing to select all previous dates 26/27/28 but on selecting 29th feb (using calender) it is picking 3/1/2012 insted 2/29/2012.

I'm I doing any thing wrong? any one else facing the same issue?

Is that any thing related to leap year??

I'm using VP 13.11 for 13.10 DB server on IE7.

2 replies, 7 years ago
REQ CPU column.... Topic by WOJO 27 Feb 2012

I've noticed that the REQ CPU column doesnt reset or start over, if you say run another query right after another ?

If you wait a bit it clears and starts over.... 

Is this designed to be this way....   its mis-leading my customers...  is there an option or something I overlooked...

1 reply, 7 years ago
IDE for portlet development. Topic by JimHudd 20 Feb 2012 viewpoint, ide, portlet, development

Is there an IDE that can be used to develop portlets for Viewpoint?  Ideally one that will allow full interactive debugging rather than just a coding environment.  I've installed the portlet PDK stuff and that's working fine (depsite looking like a fairly hairy installation process!), and I've got a VMWare TD 13.10 image I'm going to try and configure with Viewpoint.

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Viewpoint Delayed Sessions Topic by irfan098 08 Nov 2011 viewpoint, delayed sessions, tasm throttles

Hi ,

 Last night we had some delayed sessions with rule type "object delayed query". The no. of sessions was around 4 which is very small to provoke TASM throttles to delay those sessions. I wander what other reasons could be for the delay which lasted for more than 3 hours. As this can  create huge problems in future.


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ampload utility in Viewpoint?? Topic by Marcus Connolly 13 Feb 2012

Hi there,

Quick question - Does anyone know where I can see the ampload utility(or the equivalent) in Viewpoint? We are moving from Teradata Manager to Viewpoint currently and I don't see it anywhere.

2 replies, 7 years ago
Value List Compression Portlet Topic by robpaller 06 Feb 2012 portlets, value based compression, atanasoft, compresstool

Are there any plans to introduce a portlet that mimics the behavior of AtanaSoft's CompressTool on Viewpoint? (Maybe even license the IP from AtanaSoft or work with AtanaSoft for them to develop the portlet)

1 reply, 7 years ago
System Health portlet Topic by southsong 01 Sep 2010

Is there a way to rename system health status in the System Health Portlet from say, 'Degraded' / 'Healthy' / 'Critical' to something like 'Busy' or 'Very Busy' etc?

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False alerts Topic by daileyl1 10 Jan 2011 viewpoint

Has anyone had any issues with false alerts. We are currently on 13.10 and have an alert setup for systemhealth = or worse than down and received and alert yet the database was up.

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query spotlight not showing data!!! Topic by youngchap 10 Dec 2011

Hi All,


We are in TD 13.10 and i understand query spotlight acts as pmon in viewpoint .but the thing is i couldnt see any data in it (even in the last 24 hrs category)..could you please let me know how to solve this issue


I can see the Query monitor showing the present active sessions


2 replies, 8 years ago
Viewpoint Online Help Topic by ddmaddo 06 Dec 2011 viewpoint online help

Is the Viewpoint Online Help Context sensitive?

Can the Viewpoint Online Help information be modified?

1 reply, 8 years ago
Filter for users on Partitions Topic by koebyj 01 Dec 2011

Can I recommend a Viewpoint enhancement of a filter to make a user choose the Partition on certain tables, or their SQL will not execute?  This would be helpful.

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Resource Partition - Lock Topic by butchec 30 Nov 2011

Can you explain what the lock does when the % of system is allocated to a workload?  I am seeing long running queries in a workload allocated 1.2% of the system only using 4% of the total cpu when there is 91% idle.  Could the cause be that the workload is locked in the resource partition? 

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How to create an alert on spool usage Topic by ceslag 30 Sep 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm just curious if there's a way to create an alert that would check on the spool usage against the allocated spool space of a particular session. This is to prevent job failures.

Thanks in advance.

3 replies, 8 years ago
Data Collector Retention period Topic by naveen.kalia 23 Nov 2011 data collector data deletion

When does viewpoint Kick off Data Deletion for Data Collector. I had the collectors configured to retain 6 months of Data. After 5 month of data collection ran into space issue and decided Change data retention for some of the collectors to 3 months. Made the change and restarted the DCS services.

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MyQuery Portlet setup. Topic by Glass 23 Feb 2011

We've just installed Viewpoint V13.11.00.03

How is a teradata user mapped to a viewpoint user so I can allow them to see only their own queries?

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