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Workload Designer - Using Time Periods Topic by MarkVYoung 12 Aug 2012

Hi, I am a little confused in how to setup a simple workload period and configure it for changes to allow different workloads to have different resource allocations at different times of the day. I have reviewed the Workload Designer section of the User guide but it just confuses me.

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SQL Scratchpad sessions remain in responding state Topic by lanelarson 25 Oct 2011 viewpoint sql scratchpad

Our business users just started using the SQL Scratchpad in Viewpoint for their adhoc queries and I've noticed that their sessions remain in the responding state after they run a query. I am not sure why they don't go to the idle state but since they are in responding they never go away. Has anyone else run into this situation?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Viewpoint configuration problem Topic by Qamar.Shahbaz 04 Sep 2012 viewpoint



This might be very basic question but I have to ask as I am unable to configure Viewpoint :(

I am trying to setup Viepoint, the server is already installed.


I logged in using Admin and then created TERADATA SYSTEM using manual guide. I also created viewpoint user on Teradata side and granted access as explained in manual.

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Welcome to the Teradata Developer Exchange discussion forums! Topic by neilotoole 14 Jul 2009 devx

Teradata Developer Exchange is now hosting all the Teradata-related technical discussion forums. These forums are replacing the previous legacy Teradata discussion forums, but if you cannot find an answer to a topic here, please search the previous forums before posting.

Who can post here? Any registered user. But we have a few guidelines for you.

- Search the forums (using the sidebar at right) before posting a question.
- But don't be afraid to ask questions. We're friendly around here!

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Alert Notifications Topic by mikesteeves 04 Apr 2012 alert notification emails

We are new to Viewpoint and have migrated all of the Alert Policies we had setup in Teradata Manager to Viewpoint.  We see that the email message alerts that we receive from Viewpoint are much different than what we received from TM. 

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About Viewpoint in Express 13.10 Topic by Allen 09 Aug 2012 express 13.10 viewpoint


I found there were a viewpoint copy in express 13.10. And there also are a ready db in 

postgresql. How can i light up viewpoint for 13.10 dbms? I follow following steps, but 

doesn't work:

1. start vmware

2. check the pdestate

3. /etc/init.d/postgresql start

4. /etc/init.d/dcs start

    /etc/init.d/tmsmonitor start

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What is the easiest way of sharing the metrics portlets to the users Topic by skneeli 14 Aug 2012

I want to publish the usage charts on our sharpoint site, just trying to see if any one did that and how.

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Updating Metrics Analysis Portlet to ignore FICON Nodes Topic by MarkVYoung 07 Aug 2012

Hi, Can someone advise if it is possible to remove the FICON Nodes from being analysed in the Metrics Analysis Portlet?

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Can Teradata Development Porlet (Come with PDK) be setup for real Data Collection? Topic by ldkhang 28 Oct 2010

Hi everyone,

This may seem like a silly question, but I am still new to PDK and Viewpoint.
Can Teradata Development Porlet (Come with PDK) be setup for real Data Collection?
- If yes, how can we achieve it?
- If no, I believe we need to have the actual production Viewpoint that has DCS activated. Again, how can we integrate them into our developing system?

5 replies, 9 years ago
Query Pinspot: Query Spotlight + Query Group Functionality Topic by robpaller 02 Aug 2012 viewpoint, portlets, query groups, query spotlight

Query Groups are great for allowing BI Tool admins to monitor tool specific sessions that are currently active and rewind to go back in time. However, Query Spotlight is a great tool to spotlight sessions that may have been TASM aborted because of excessive Spool or CPU consumption.

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Getting false alerts from VP Topic by terateq 27 Jul 2012

hi all,

we are getting false alerts from VP as system health - Down, as per the article

only in below situations system health should be down

1 reply, 9 years ago
Getting started with Viewpoint Email Alerts Topic by dnarva 17 Jul 2012 viewpoint alert email

Am looking for a basic example of how to configure and test email alerts in Viewpoint.  Have never used Viewpoint alerts of any kind before, though we did use some Teradata Manager alerts.

2 replies, 9 years ago
Canary query logins Topic by alvie 29 Jun 2012 viewpoint, canary query


4 replies, 9 years ago
Query Throughput and comparison to Viewpoint Topic by crewdy 02 Jul 2012

I am trying to analyse the load on our box for comparison with pre and post upgrade but the query volumes I am extracting are no where near the volumes being reported in Viewpoint by an order of magnitude. The volumes are too low.

View point is reporting c.1M queries I am extracting from DBQL  c100k.

I am using DBC.DBQL_ALL and DBQLogTbl

1 reply, 9 years ago
Local workload exceptions Topic by mykovalenko 20 Jun 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm running ViewPoint V14.00.00.05 and it seems that Local Exception button does not work for me neither from Exceptions nor from the workload window. I have tried it with Chrome, IE and Firefox. Had anyone had a chance to run into the same issue? Any solutions (besides going back to tdwm)?



2 replies, 9 years ago
Viewpoint CHANGE PRIORITY command Topic by LUCAS 19 Jun 2012 change priority for session


I have experienced some difficulties when trying to change the priority of a session (Viewpoint 13.11 previously and now Viewpoint 14):

sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't !

I can change the priority for a session, and the next attempt is not even possible, with a somewhat  "inactivated display", 

i mean no access at all to the next steps...

2 replies, 9 years ago
Viewpoint Access Alert Topic by chillerm 20 Jun 2012


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Teradata Express 13.10 VmWare - How do navigate to viewpoint? Topic by rupert160 21 Mar 2012 express 13.10 viewpoint

I've run:/var/opt/teradata/viewpoint- start

and successfully started viewpoint, but for some reason I don't have "localhost" nor do I have the developers created a bookmark on firefox to navigate to the viewpoint instance.

can anybody suggest a way to navigate to viewpoint please?

2 replies, 9 years ago
Customize Mail Alert Topic by m.tahoon 29 May 2012 viewpoint alert customize sms

Is there's a way to customize the Mail alerts Generared by VP  14:



For Example SESSION alert [Blocked time] generates the following mail:

2 replies, 9 years ago
Number of queries by category - adhoc short,long,tactical Topic by teradatauser2 29 May 2012


i want to create a report with number of queries running in the different categories i.e adhoc short,long,tactical etc.

We find this classification in the 'Workload' column in the viewpoint.

which dbc table or viewpoint option can i use to create this report. I can get the query info from from



4 replies, 9 years ago
Delay tab not available - Out of turn released from delay queue Topic by alvie 02 May 2012 viewpoint, delay tab

After recent upgrade to TD13.10 with viewpoint V13.11.00.04-b59, we have noticed the delay queue users getting released out of order where as they should have been getting release on first come first serve basis.

2 replies, 10 years ago
Deleting all Viewpoint configuration Topic by Ian Russell 25 Apr 2012

We have relocated one of our Viewpoint servers within our organisation.

Is there a quick way to wipe the previous set-up off the server?


2 replies, 10 years ago
Data Collectors errors Topic by abhijitvyas 23 Apr 2012 data collector error

we have seen numorous data collector alert like below and false alarm on DB restart because of read time out on VP version 13.12. is there any relief doe the same on VP version 14 ?



Data Collector Id=17

Data Collector Name=Canary Query

Error Occurred=true

Error Message= Read timed out




3 replies, 10 years ago
Problem deleting workloads Topic by Marcus Connolly 24 Apr 2012

Hi there,

I'm trying to delete some workloads that we have in our TASM ruleset. These workloads are not being used,have no classification criteria,and no exeption criteria.


When I try to delete them I'm getting an error message : You cannot delete a workload that is the target of an exception's "Change Workload" action.

2 replies, 10 years ago
3192 for Viewpoint Data Collectors Topic by ldye 12 Apr 2012 teradata viewpoint

Hi All.  We consistently receive 3192 (No utility partitions available) errors for some of our Data Collectors. 

        [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3192] [SQLState HY000] No utility partitions available. Try later.

I've been told this is directly related to hung sessions in the DBCCONS partition. 

1 reply, 10 years ago