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Viewpoint Compatability Topic by Greyghost 11 Apr 2013

What is the minimum version of Viewpoint that is compatable with the Database 14.0?

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Top Sessions Graph Topic by Denmark 02 Apr 2013 top, session, graph, metric, threshold

On Viewpoint Query Monitor's Top Sessions Graph of the Summary view, two metrics are represented:  one by the length of the bar and the other by the color or shading of the bar.  The user chooses a metric left of the graph.  How is that metric displayed (length of bar or color/shading)?  What is the other metric?

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Teradata DBS Version Info Topic by skd2day 27 Mar 2013 viewpoint

Is there a Viewpoint portlet that displays the equivalent of ctl screen version:  Running PDE, DBS, Gateway versions, etc.? 
Thank you!

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Getting Viewpoint to work on TD Express 13.10 40Gb VM Topic by terrydata 24 Mar 2013


I've downloaded the 40Gb VMWare instance of Teradata Express 13.10.

The Teradata database works fine, I can connect to it with BTEQ and from SQL Assistant and Teradata Administrator on the Windows machine.

I just can't get Viewpoint to work.

I've tried starting various services:

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Viewpoint alert for PJI on session Topic by bakster 15 Mar 2013 viewpoint, alert event

I am looking for a way to setup a sessions alert when a PJI threshold is exceeded.  Are there plans to include the PJI metric as part of a sessions alert?  Is there another way to setup such an alert?    Thanks! 

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Error while accessing Workload Designer Portal in Viewpoint Topic by 25 Feb 2013 viewpoint



I am getting an error while accessing Workload Designer portlet


"You are not authorized to view rulesets on any system"


All the access related to portlet are given.

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Penalty Box Topic by macktd 24 Feb 2013

I'm Novice to Viewpoint,
When we need Penalty box in work load?
Regards,- mahesh

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TVS Portlet Topic by VandeBergB 05 Mar 2013 tvs

The TVS portlet shows me the 'balance' of the cylinders allocated to each bucket, hot, fast, medium.... Is there a way to identify what data is where, i.e. by database or table?

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Alert on DML Queries Topic by Waris 07 Feb 2013

Dear Member
is there any mechanism/utility by which we can trigger an ALERT immediately via email or anything whenever a DML query is fired on any specific databases

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PDCR Viewpoint Alert Topic by oahmad1 19 Sep 2012

      I started receiving this alert 2 days back from our viewpoint server and was wondering if anyone has seen this before and can point out where to start looking to see what's wrong.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Job PG2_PDCR_Daily Step 312 failed with status 8 

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Remote management of VP users and accessrights Topic by mv5492 30 Jan 2013

I need the ability to create and manage VP users from a remote UAM application. I do not want to to setup and manage an LDAP directory for our user population so I want a solution where I can manage the native VP security. I have pdk version 14. It looks like   there are methods (class IdentityManagerImpl) to support the idea.

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How to give only abort query rights to developers through portlet Query Monitor in Viewpoint 14.00? Topic by Sidhharth 07 Jan 2013 viewpoint 14.00

My client wants me to grant developers, through "Query Monitor" portlet in viewpoint, the right to abort queries which blocks other queries or ETL loading.

Below are the steps I did through Viewpoint 14.00:

1) Created user (same as Teradata database user) (Admin ---> User Manager ---> Add User)

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Workload management in a multi-client data warehouse Topic by hyma 20 Dec 2012

In a multi-client data warehouse the clients insist on ensuring the percentage of CPU granted to them.
Put it simply: Client A has e.g. 60% CPU and Client B 40%.
Each client should have 2 WDs defined: one for tactical, one for non-tactical.
What is the best way to do this with viewpoint V14.00/SLES10?

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How can I restrict number of sessions or queries a user in sudden WORKLOAD can run at a time? Topic by atalukder 12 Dec 2012

We have a profile named  Large_spool_users. I like to restrict through TASM that  users who are assigned to  this profile can run only one SQL job at at time.
This profile is assigned to a workload   named  WD_STANDARD_VERY_LARGE   in TASM.
Can any of  you  tell me how can I do this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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DB Restart Topic by hyma 12 Dec 2012

Hi, can Viewpoint track a TPA restart?

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Productivity Portelet - QPH metrics Topic by LUCAS 05 Dec 2012 productivity, qph

Productivity portlets has a pretty good display of the activity in terms of Applications and number of Query per Hour (QPH).
But ... i can't explain the QPH metrics: when requesting on QRYLOG table choosing an APPID and an hour in current day (StartTime) i expected to find the number of requests in accordance with the count(distinct QUERYID).

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Viewpoint Calendar Invalid Date or Time Topic by toadrw 04 Dec 2012

I'm using Teradata running on Amazon EC2.
When I try to add an event in the Calendar I'm getting an "Invalid Date or Time" error.  It can be either on the start date or the end date.  Here's the format which is in the control.
12/04/2012 8:00 PM
12/04/2012 9:00 PM

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vp:tableWidget with higher height gets Exception in thread "Timer-2" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space Topic by cloghin 25 Oct 2012 pdk portlets tablewidget

I have modified the widgetopia portlet by increasing the height of the tablewidget. After deploying the protlet, now Tomcat keeps  throwing out of memory exceptions.
The reason i modified the height was to check inconsistent behavior of the vertical scrollbar on the table widgets when more records ( than default 3) are displayed.
I also modified

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ROLE MAPPING ATTRIBUTES Topic by macktd 30 Oct 2012

Hello everyone
i'm new to viewpoint,
Can any one explain mapping attributes abbrivation.
 cn, ou ,dc ,dc

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VP Filters could not Filer with PM/API Connection Topic by gsoh 01 Nov 2012

We want to apply a filter on the Excel program.
Excel program using the PM / API to access the DB.
Is passed so that the Excel program.
How do I get?

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control mapping of teradata accounts in Profile tab Topic by m.tahoon 30 Oct 2012 profile, myqueries, teradata account


This is Rergarding Profile/Teradata accounts sub-tab (VP 14.0) where a Vewpoint user can map database accounts to their viewpoint user which affect queries displayed in 'My Queries' portlet.


Is there a way a Viewpoint administrator can force/limit which viewpoint users mappped to which database accounts?


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DataGrid widget usability Topic by cloghin 25 Oct 2012 datagrid pdk portlet widget

Hello, I am trying to use the DataGrid widget for the practical purpose of displaying a Teradata table.
For that i need to change the column definition among other things.
I started with the working widgetopia portlet and i added one more column .  I made the following modifications
(1) added getter / setter / field in WidgetopiaDataGridModel

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Viewpoint / Workload Monitor Dynamic Pipes View. Topic by Glass 27 Jul 2012

I can't seem to locate the documentation that tells what is indicated when a pipe turns orange, I had assumed missed SLA but mine are changing when 0 SLA

are missed.


thanks, Rglass

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Viewpoint Time in State and Total duration from SQLS coming through procedure Topic by abhijitvyas 01 Oct 2012

We have seen a situation where in which we observed Request count increased from a session who is submitting SQLs from a procedure and Time in State value is added up however what we see in the manual is that should be per SQL. is this a bug ?
Below are abstract from Viewpoint 14 manual

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