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Viewpoint and PDCR Topic by anujh 10 Jul 2013

Isnt there a duplication of effort in collection of performance metrics and reporting of the system by both Viewpoint and  PDCR.  is there any plan to integrate them into one.

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Viewpoint - 14 - Query Monitor issue Topic by dtfcards 29 Nov 2012

We are experiencing issues with query monitor where we run a piece of SQL and it will run for close to 15 minutes but the SQL and Explain Tabs are not selectable.  Sometimes the Explain tab is selectable but it does not show us what step its currently running or have the times or rows filled in.   

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Canary Query Details Topic by andydoorey 01 Mar 2011 viewpoint, canary query

Can anyone give me details of how the canary query frequency works in viewpoint?

The issue I'm having is that we want to measure response times for all workloads using the canary queries in viewpoint. I can get it to work for short and medium queries, but our long workload can have very long delays, often over an hour (I know this isn't good for the users, but that's how it is!).

I want to run a canary query in this workload every 15 minutes. The problems I have are:

1) A new canary query doesn't start running whilst one is in progress (i.e. in the delay queue)

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Bulk Load for Viewpoint users Topic by denchap63 08 Jul 2010

Is there any way to bulk load users into Viewpoint? We have a large number of users to add and it would be great if we could bulk load them somehow.

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No Data in Query Monitor Topic by Greyghost 07 Feb 2012 query monitor

I have an issue that I cannot figure out.  In Viewpoint, my Query Monitor session shows no data.  DBQL is turned on.  What other features in ViewPoint or Teradata need to be turned on for the Query Monitor portlet to function properly?





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Spool alert setup Topic by sarthz 16 Jul 2013 spool, alert, viewpoint, peakspool, maxspool

Is it possible to set up an alert when peak spool/spool for a user goes beyond a certain value? P.S. Viewpoint version i want to set up it on is 14.01
(I read in these forums this is possible on 14.10 onwards) But is there a workaround for 14.01?

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How to undeploy portlet from viewpoint 14.01 Topic by zone 17 Jul 2013 viewpoint, portlet, undeploy

I find Tomcat manager don't provide in viewpoint 14.01, I need to undeploy test portlet what to do?

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Running cnsremote on PDN remotely from viewpoint server Topic by SPOLISETTI 16 Jul 2013

Does anyone know how to run cnsremote from viewpoint server?
We want to autmoate scandisk/packdisk. This can be done using crontab on PDN but we did not configure email mechanism on the Teradata nodes. So, we would like to invoke these utilities from viewpoint where we have already setup email alerts for various other jobs.

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idle-session alerts Topic by southsong 09 Sep 2010

We currently have Teradata manager for data collection and monitoring alerts on a Teradata V12.00.02 system with one non-tpa channel node.
Idle-session alerts is currently in place using the alert policies of Teradata manager to abort any session that is idle for over 30minutes. Certain batch ids that are not subjected to idle-session aborts are put on the exclusion list.
For the channel node, we've 4 sessions that are always ON, but never get aborted for sitting idle and these sessions are not on the exclusion list.

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VIEWPOINT frozen for 3 hours Topic by LUCAS 09 Jul 2013 frozen period, rewind

A noticeable event early in the morning (time of Paris): it looks like Viewpoint stopped collecting data between 5:51:00 AM and 8:51:00 AM. Activity is logged in LOGONOFF and DBQLOGTBL tables between those two milestones, data collectors are running.
I had to stop/start Viewpoint services ( at 10 AM to get a refreshed display in Viewpoint. 

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Aborted Session Info in ViewPoint Topic by Kishore_1 28 Jun 2013 Abort, session

In View Point, DBAs abort sessions of queries that are badly performing and overally impacting the System performance(because of improper query, stale stats, etc.).Is there any system table or query that can help in identifying sessions that were manually aborted by DBA?

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Data labs - Default permissions Topic by 18 Jun 2013

Our Production Teradata environment consists of several business silos across the organisation, each silo comprised of it's own set of databases and permissions. We're setting up datalabs in order to allow users access across these silos. These Datalab users will have read access across multiple silos.

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TASM Ruleset Export/Import Topic by mikesteeves 18 Jun 2013 tasm, export/import

I'm trying to export our current TASM Ruleset from our production system and import it onto our staging system.  I keep receiving the following error.


Cannot import ruleset: The import file could not be parsed


Anyone know why?



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Data Labs Usernames Topic by jlb 14 Jun 2013 data labs, password, lab group name

Creating a Lab group also creates a username. What happens with I set a profile to that username with password expiration in number of days? Who changes that password?

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Viewpoint initiation: creation of multiple users Topic by tgorner 14 May 2013 viewpoint, users, viewpoint users

Hi gurus,
I have a group of users who only need to monitor their queries via Viewpoint. They may see each other's queries, they would not have "abort session" rights anyway.
I see 2 possible solutions:

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Could not run startup.bat Topic by leo.issac 02 Dec 2008

I am freshly installing teradata View point on my system. I have followed the instructions in the instruction manual. Once I ran the setup.bat successfully, I am not able to startup the Teradata View point. I Ran the startup.bat batch file. It shows me a Tomcat window , there is some stuff going on in the screen and it shows me message 'Server startup in 13350 ms' and remains as is.

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TASM - Priority Distribution and CPU Limit Topic by mikesteeves 30 May 2013 tasm, Priority Distribution, CPU Limit

I vaguely recall setting up TASM years ago before Viewpoint and we were encouraged to keep back a small percentage of CPU from the system.  I think we may have set the CPU limit for the system to something like 96%.  I do not recall where exactly that setting was made in Priority Scheduler.  We have since migrated from TASM using TDWM to TASM on Viewpoint and I'm trying to find where that same

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Informatica Self Learning Topic by ManishNayek 29 May 2013 connect informatica

Informatica Joiner Transformation :

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SESDELAYED vs DELAYED Topic by kerrg 13 May 2013

Okat so I'm running TD13.10 with Viewpoint 14.01.  I have setup 3 Utilitiy limit control's as below
Loads: which is all types of loads with limit of 5.
Exports: which is all types of exports with limit of 10.
All Utils: which is for loads and exports with a limit of 10.
This allows for the following to happen.
5 loads and 5 exports

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Password Age Alerting via Viewpoint Portlet Topic by cpolikowsky 08 May 2013 viewpoint, password age

I don't see anything in viewpoint V14.00.00.05-b49 by default.  Has anybody created their own portlet to do something like that.  I would like to have a mechanism that emails an alert at X days to user, disables account after Y days and sends an alerting saying account is disabled.  Currently we are doing this through a ksh script and bteq.  Any ideas?

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Workload Designer and Viewpoint 14 with RDBMS 13.10 error Topic by MarkYoung4 18 Apr 2012 viewpoint, tdwm, database version does not match

Hi, we have just upgraded our Teradata system from 13.0 to 13.10 and installed Viewpoint for the first time, running version 14.0. When we go to the Workload Designer, we are getting the following message, "TDWM database version does not match the Teradata version for this system." and from Workload Health, we get the following, "No active ruleset available".

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Disable Execution of the Data Mover Job from Viewpoint Topic by PatelSatish 30 Apr 2013 viewpoint, data mover

Is there any setting in viewpoint or data mover that will prevent execution of data mover job from viewpoint portlet.
We want to create the data mover job from viewpoint  but execution must be done via command line on data mover.
Appreciate your input.
Satish Patel

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DATAMOVER Topic by Krupakaran 22 Apr 2013

Please guide to resolve the below issue facing in datamover in viewpoint at the time of saving datamover job.
The command took longer than expected, please run the command again.

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ControllerContext get PortletSession ID Topic by KontantinK 17 Apr 2013

how can I get over the ControllerContext the Portlet Session ID?

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Log out action method Topic by KontantinK 20 Mar 2013


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