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Analyze Query logs Topic by MeenakshiBirai 19 Feb 2014 querylog

Do we have any tool/utility to find Teradata usage profile statistics from the Teradata query logs? We want to pursue this activity because it is a good way to take inventory of the ad-hoc business users for KPI/Reporting rationalization.

We are looking to capture following information.

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TASM and States definition in 14.00 Topic by mikesteeves 10 Feb 2014 TASM State, TASM 14.00

We have been using Viewpoint and TASM for a few years now, on both VRR12 and V2R13.10.  We are about to stand up our new production box, which is running V2R14.00 and I noticed that the Viewpoint view of TASM seems to have chagned.

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Access to the Update space utility denied in viewpoint remote console. Topic by ashikmh 07 Jun 2013

I have checked the console database to grant execute privilege to viewpoint user and there I dont see any macro for updatespace utility.
But I know, I can access this utility from node through CNStool, but I want to access it through viewpoint remote console.
Please help me to get access on updatespace utility from viewpoint remote console.

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TASM Workloads and frequent demotions Topic by mikesteeves 23 Jan 2014 tasm, workload, TASM Exception

We have TASM setup to demote user queries from USERS-SHORT to USERS-MEDIUM and then USERS-LONG, after some CPU seconds consumed threshold.  We are seeing a number of queries get sent to our USERS_SHORT workload, only to be demoted to USERS_MEDIUM and then USERS_LONG.

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Viewpoint SSL Certificate error Topic by damien.reed 06 Aug 2013

I'm trying to install an SSL Certificate in Viewpoint v14.01.00.03-b56 but encounter the following helpful error:
"Certificate Authority install failed.  Error: Failed to install certificate"

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DCSDB Topic by Shock 13 Jun 2013 viewpoint, dcs, cleaning

one of the viewpoint databases, 'dcsdb' holds all the data of the DCS in it, but mine in particular has a problem:
the data retention is set to 6 months, but the database contains 400+ GB of data that's over three years old (probably older installations never purged)
how can i reduce it to the current one, better, the daily backup's one ?

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DBCCONS partition sessions Topic by dins2k2 01 Jan 2014 dbccons, viewpoint, console utilities

Hi All, 
After reading this KA : KAP1B930A, I want to know what is DBCCONS partition sessions? Is there any way to see those details? 

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Queries used by Data Collectors Topic by usmans 23 Sep 2013 Data Collectors, Viewpoint Queries

Hi All,

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Users Online at a particular time duration Topic by omarsaeed22 05 Dec 2013

Is it possible to see that how many users were online on a particular day during a limited time period?

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Data Lab access Topic by mfrogerio 25 Oct 2013 Data Lab access read-only procedure function

In Data lab we can provide two types of accesses to the Teradata Database (Lab), read-only and “full access” (without read-only).
When we grant access, with read-only checked, the user will receive READ access to the Database.

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AWT Max Limit Topic by Kishore_1 03 Nov 2013 AWT limit

Recently there was a upgrade on the prod Teradata System and TD  Support increased the number of default AWT to some new value.
Could you please help where can I get what is the new AWT limit of the system after the upgrate.
Can it seen in Viewpoint?

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clear text passwords to Viewpoint SSL Configuration Topic by mikesteeves 21 Nov 2013 viewpoint, SSL, password, clear text

We have Viewpoint v14 and unfortunately when users logon to the server, their passwords they use to connect to the viewpoint server is being sent in clear text.  Our security folks are not happy.  We went through the process to setup the SSL Configuration for Viewpoint to allow HTTPS communication, we were unable to disable the existing HTTP: connection option.

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QCD with no index Topic by Raja_KT 20 Nov 2013

Can you please provide me scenarios where I can have QCDs with no index, excepting that I exclude index subtable?
Thanks and regards,

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DSA Topic by Raja_KT 01 Nov 2013


Data stream architecture replaces ARC. Can DSA be connected to TD 13.10? What are the features dsa can do and ARC cannot do?

Thanks and regards,


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SNMP traps on viewpoint Topic by badar 02 Jun 2013

Hi all, Please help me in configuring SNMP traps on viewpoint because I want to monitor Teradata system with HP operations manager.
Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Expedite Workload Topic by Kishore_1 05 Nov 2013 Expedite Workload

What is a expedite workload in TASM? How is it defined?
Is there is resereved AWT pool for this type of workload?

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TASM Portlets are temporarily Unavailable, how to get them back online? Topic by BPP 24 Oct 2013 tasm portlets, offline .

When trying to access workload designer or monitor I am getting below messages, how to get these back online.  I have enabled a throttle yesterday and I want to disable it now, it is causing TPT jobs to fails!! 
thanks for your time and help!
Workload Designer is temporarily unavailable.
Workload Monitor is temporarily unavailable.

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How to identify the tpt job name from the teradata view point Topic by chiru_05 23 Oct 2013 tpt jobs in view point

In view point from query monitor we are able to identify the long running job by seeing the time , session id and username . with this information can we able to back track and find jobname ( TPT)  and unix process id . please let me know if this is possible or not . 
is it possible to compare the unix process id and teradata session id . 

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TASM getting deactivated Topic by teradata_dba 16 Sep 2013

Hello Guys,
Iam finding a strange problem at my site.. We have enabled TASM and at times it automatically gets deactivated. When this happens i have go and re acvtivate our current rule set everytime
I have no clue as to why this happens. We are currently on 13.10 DB version and our viewpoint version is V14.01.00.03-b56.

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Utility Limits in Viewpoint 14.10 worload manager Topic by kerrg 12 Sep 2013

We have just upgraded our dev viewpoint to test the new workload manager features that we where lead to believe where available.  At present you can only have 1 pipe for utilities as the clasification does not allow you to select anything other than utility type.

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Best Viewpoint Portlete for Teradata DBA Topic by asad6020 18 Nov 2012 dba portlet, dbql portlet, dba best portlet

Hi All,
       I am using Canary Response Time, Query Monitor, Productivity, System Health with couple of other portlets. These are good in what these are ment to do.  What I want is to get info about any thing new, if it happens on the system. 
For example,
if a user used more sessions, IO, CPU, etc than it uses normally. OR there is some new activity on the system. 

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Release Query in Delayed State Topic by usmans 08 Sep 2013 Release Query, Delayed Query

Hi All,
In the "Query Monitor" portlet there is a column for sessions in the Delayed Sate. If I release any query that is in the Delayed state, what will happen?
Will the query be released from the system?
Will the query run again? If so, how and when?

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Does Teradata express edition has any sample TASM XML file ? Topic by smolakal 06 Sep 2013 TD Express TASM file location

Does Teradata express edition 14.0 has any sample TASM file ?
If it is there, can you let us know the path.

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Teradata 14 TASM - No Evaluation Order by PERIOD Topic by JanaDevX 02 Sep 2013

We used to have EO for each period and beginning TD14 we arent seeing the EO drop down option.
What enhancement has been made to tackle/handle this in TD14 and what document explains this change?

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