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Performance degradation - action to be taken Topic by chill3che 15 Aug 2015 Performance degradation, root cause, fix

Greetings Experts,
Apologies if this post doesn't seem to be in this category and for a generic query.
If the TD performance is degraded, what are the steps that are to be taken to identify the root cause and resolve the issue through Viewpoint.  

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More sessions in delayed state - Best action to be taken Topic by chill3che 15 Aug 2015 Sessions in Delay, action

Greetings Experts,

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Actual time & Actual Rows in Query Monitor Topic by TdMan 23 Jul 2015 viewpoint, query monitor

A query with 25 steps shows actual time & rows only for the first 20 steps. The last 5 steps are always empty ie not filled though the query completes successfully. Is it a bug or feature?

1 reply, 6 years ago
Set a Maintenance Window Topic by skd2day 10 Jul 2015

Are there plans to be able to set a maintenance window via Viewpoint?  If so, what version?  Thank you!

3 replies, 6 years ago
Migrating to new Viewpoint server Topic by PatelSatish 16 Jan 2014 viewpoint, users, ldap

We are migrating from one viewpoint server to another. How do I copy existing roles, users so that I do not have to recreate the users.
I do not care about the historical data collection.

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Session CPU,IO Skew Topic by Kishore_1 29 Jul 2014 cpu skew, IO Skew

How is session level CPU and IO skew calculated as dispalyed in Viewpoint for a particular session (in Query Monition) in the "Skew" tab for a particular session?Is it the skew factor of the currently executing query of the session.There are top 3 and bottom 3 Amp (along with Amp#)  and their corresponding CPU and IO consumption values.Is there any relationship between these and Session CPU /IO

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Not able to view SQL explain in Query monitor Topic by varanasianup 09 Jul 2015 viewpoint

Hi All
In the Data collectors setup : Enable SQL Explain collector is checked,
And i could see the error as below :
Unable to collect SQL and Explain for session xxxx . SQL error code :3296
can somebody explain on how to get it corrected or redirect 

8 replies, 6 years ago
For Testing/learning Topic by eric_td 01 Jul 2015

Is there any way how we can make our system as viewpoint server, in order to learn and get hands-on on viewpoint.
I believe we have vmware for Teradata DB. Do we have something for viewpoint.

3 replies, 6 years ago
Multiple idle sessions for 'viewpoint' Topic by JustMe 24 Jul 2015 idle sessions, viewpoint

Good morning,
Our production system is monitored by a different viewpoint server that our dev/test system.
I often see multiple sessions for user 'viewpoint' and some sessions will be idle for several days.  This morning, I noticed two sessions that have been idle for over 30 days.
Can anyone explain why that is and if it is okay to abort those sessions?

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System Default Utility Limits Topic by bluemairab 22 Jul 2015 tasm, viewpoint, utility limits

Hi there,
I not have defined specific Utility Limits on one of our system, so I'm using the default system utility limits i.e.

System Default Utility Limits







FastLoad or MultiLoad



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SQL and Explain sometimes not visible in query monitor Topic by Duri83 24 Apr 2013 viewpoint; session monitor; explain; plan; collection; rates; rate;

Hello VP experts,
We have noticed a weird behaviour after VP and DB upgrade to version 14. Our VP is now V14.00.00.05-b49 and DBs are on and
The problem is that sql and explain texts are quite often not visible in VP (usually when you need to see they are not there ^_^)

9 replies, 6 years ago
TASM Exception and TASM Filters Topic by usmans 15 Jul 2013 TASM Filter, TASM Exception

Hello all,
Is there any way in TASM to set up an exception to abort queries based on the time in which they are in "acive state"?
For example, if a query is in delayed state for half an hour and then it goes into active state (the total time on system is half hour but I would consider this the start time and if the start time crosses 1 hour, the query should abort)

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Definition of 'Active Time' seconds in Session Alert Topic by DannyChin 07 Jul 2015

I setup an alert to abort queries running over 30 minutes. The settings are 'Alert Rules' = All, 'Active Time is greater than 1800 seconds', 'Alert Action' = 'Abort Session'. Viewpoint abort the session after less than 1 minute. Does the 1800 seconds represent elapsed time or CPU time?    

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Very long running queries impacting performance due to frequent re-classification Topic by crewdy 08 Jun 2015 tasm, reclassification, demotion, viewpoint

We have a relatively large datawarehouse (V14.0 Viewpoint V14.10 SLES 10).
We have a problem with certain types of query and certain source tables that causes us tremendous problem with regards system delays.

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ARCMAIN job Topic by Kishore_1 19 May 2015 tasm

I am running an arcmain data copy, I see something like below in the arc/copy log file:





Just wanted to know where can I see the above setting when TASM is granting more sessions than requested in the arcmain job.

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How can users abort their own queries without being able to abort anyone else's? Topic by Jeanne-Anne 19 Dec 2011 abort session

I have power users to whom I have given Viewpoint access. I want them to be able to abort their own queries, but I do not want to grant them a general ability to abort queries. I have activated for them the "abort query" priv in the My Queries portlet, but it won't allow them to abort when it connects to the database because I have not granted them abortsession.

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Auto Provisioning in Viewpoint Topic by Kishore_1 17 Aug 2014 Auto Provisioning

 Automatic profile creation in Viewpoint is known as Auto provisioning .
How to know if the Teradata viewpoint system is set up to create a user profile automatically?

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Viewpoint showing 'no data' for Disk Space Topic by Kishore_1 26 Apr 2015 no data

 We are observing "no data" for Total Statistics Portal under Monitoring Tools in View point for one of our production Teradata servers .Why is it showing like this, even when we have ~ 4 PB of system space. Is there any way we can figure out if something is wrong and correct it?

3 replies, 7 years ago
System health status and heartbeat query threshold response time Topic by dnarva 29 Apr 2015 viewpoint, heartbeat, system health

Per this article:
"A Teradata Database system is considered DOWN in the health equation if any of the following conditions occurs:

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Is there a way to pull Lab Group owners other than a portal Topic by HarshaKudumula 20 Apr 2015

Hi All,
I have a requirement to setup alert mechanism to send a notification to Lab Group Owner if the space in the Lab Group reaches the threshold limit. Is any one aware on how to pull the Lab Group owners other than using a Portal?

1 reply, 7 years ago
Autostats Alert Setup Topic by vishaman 29 Jan 2015

We recently upgraded to viewpoint 14.10 and have set up a stats job on viewpoint stats manager however i also wanted to configure an alert to notify the sucess/failure of the stats job preferably through an email notification .
Can anyone please let me know if its possible to set email alerts for stats job in viewpoint ? if yes ,how to set that up ?

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Utility types Topic by dins2k2 27 Feb 2015 utility types

Hi Folks,
    Shed me some ideas on below utility types

•     0 = MultiLoad + FastLoad

•1 = MultiLoad

•2 = FastLoad

•3 = FastExport

•4 = ARC

•5 - Standalone Mload

•6 - Standalone FastLoad

•7 - Standalone FastExport

•8 - TPT update Op: MultiLoad

•9 - TPT load Op: Fastload

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CPU Utilization Topic by Anilnandala 14 Apr 2015

Some times we will see that CPU utilization was more than 99%. How this percent was decided and when its value become 100%.

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Impact CPU Topic by Anilnandala 14 Apr 2015

Actual value of impact CPU and its value displayed in Viewpoint are always different. is there is any way to find out the actual value from viewpoint.  

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What Teradata products would you like to see in Viewpoint? Topic by gryback 14 Dec 2009 viewpoint, tdwm, teradata manager, twa, administrator

We have begun discussions on the next candidate products for transition to Teradata Viewpoint. As you may already know, complete feature equivalence of Teradata Manager and Teradata Dynamic Workload Manager (TDWM) in Viewpoint will be realized in 1H2010. The next product plans are shaping up to be Teradata Administrator and Teradata Workload Analyzer (TWA).

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