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Error in installing PDK 13.02 Topic by khachla 13 Jul 2010

I am installing the PDK 13.02, and follow exactly the steps instructed in

I am using PDK 13.02, JDK 1.5, Ant 1.7.1, PostgreSQL 8.4

However, I got errors when running setup.bat (step 5) as follows. Any hint ?

Setting up Viewpoint databases.
Updating lportal schema.
Lportal schema updated.
Creating tdportal schema.

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About System Health ? Topic by ardhie 24 Jun 2010


Im new in teradata viewpoint ?
How can i get the system health portlets ? sholud i develop ? or there is some download link ?

Thanks a lot.

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Viewpoint http auto redirect to https Topic by hd185015 19 Jun 2010 viewpoint http https

We configured Teradata viewpoint SSL support, which enable users to access the viewpoint server using https connection, now we want to force all the users to use https connect by redirect all http requests to https automatically, could anyone please share some ideas.

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who can provide a installation about viewponit ? thanks! Topic by fukangtcw 20 Jun 2010 who can provide a installation about viewponit ? thanks!

Who can provide a installation about viewponit ? I do not how to install it and what to dependency?
thanks !

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Viewpoint 13.03 Query Monitor Topic by Garyadmin 10 Jun 2010

Having a small-ish issue with the new query monitor portlet - the list of sessions isn't showing the WORKLOAD name (very important to us) and when you drill down on the session, we get eg 'WORKLOAD unknown (id=9)' .

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Viewpoint PDK 13.02 API documentation Topic by hd185015 21 May 2010 viewpoint pdk api

I have dowloaded, installed and configed the viewpoint PDK 13.02 on my laptop, it's running nicely, have also gone through the tutorials, cookbook etc., so far good.

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Copying User data from one viewpoint server to another Topic by Garyadmin 05 May 2010

We are installing a new 13.0.3 server, wondered if anyone out there has got a handy script for migrating the user data over from one server to another? Don't really want to key the 100's of users back in!

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Compatibility Topic by gloesch 18 Mar 2010

Hello Viewpoint Developers,

I have a question regarding the compatibility between Viewpoint and the Teradata Database.

Is Viewpoint 13.02. compatible with TD12?

My problem is the following: The customer wants to update to TD13 later in the year and then he will have Viewpoint also. At the moment we are developing a portlet for them with the PDK 13.02. (that doesn't use any TD13 specific functionality). Is it possible to get Viewpoint 13.02. running with their actual TD12? They don't want to use any of the official Viewpoint portlets for System management / administration.

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Viewpoint - where to start as a newbie ? Topic by strongmanvn 18 Jan 2010

Hi,I am TD Master V2R5, but totally newbie in Viewpoint (just by chance found it), and very interesting to start investigate on this excellent tool. However, I do not know where should I start to do this. Some questions come in my mind:1- Is Viewpoint a software product which need license before using or it is an environment for developing something to manage/administrate the TD system ?2- Are Viewpoint and Viewpoint PDK 2 different products ie. one for deployment, the other for development ?3- What kind of information Viewpoint could access from Teradata database ? Does it replace the existing administration/management tools/process like Pmon, dbMon, etc ? and which one are already supported from Viewpoint 13.0.2, which one should need to integrate further by developer ?4- Does any tutorial/course for a very beginer/newbie/dummie on how to install/use/configurate/develop with it ?Sorry for some of my silly questions, but I did not see any information so far in the forum which could clarify me.Strongman

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How to Specify a TableWidget Width in portlet Topic by Jian 20 Jul 2009

we are trying to utilized the TableWidget to show some data which has over 10 columns, How could we change the TableWidget width to make them readable? I tried the width="800" height="200" in summary.jsp as bellow.

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Could we plot a trend line in any chart or metric ? Topic by Jian2 17 Sep 2009

just like what excel did. if now, will this feature on the road map of future release ?


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Widget development Topic by Jian 15 Jul 2009

1) could we include multiple sparkline widgets into one tab.

I tried ctx.addViewObject("spartkline1", ...) and ctx.addViewObject("sparkline2" ...); with different model name, but the first one is overrided.

2) do we have any widgets has x axis timestamp refine to hour/minutes?

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Viewpoint Extended Logging Topic by Phil 03 Sep 2009

Hi All,

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Using the TableSpaceDAO Topic by MSkiLLz 22 Jul 2009

I'm trying to use the getTableSkewPct method in the TableSpace model. I've written some code for it but I'm getting an error on Eclipse saying "The method getTableSkewPct() is undefined for the type QueryResults". I was told that to fix the error, I needed to get a for loop to find the tablespace but I can't figure is out. Here is my code...

[code]public QueryResults getMyTableSkewPeak(CpuUsagePreferences preferences)
Integer id = getSystemId(preferences.getSystem());

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Widgets Topic by MSkiLLz 28 May 2009

Hi, I'm currently trying to create a graph widget which displays the data from the teradata database. I'm thinking that in order for the data to be populated to my widget then I need a postgres username and password and the jdbcUrl. These changes are supposed to go into the content.xml and server.xml file but the problem is trying to figure out what is the username, password and Url? Will that be all the change that is needed to get information to be displayed on a widget? If possible, It would make it easier for me if anyone had a same of a widget being populated with some simple data. Thanks.

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Get Error while executing FASTLOAD Topic by BeingHuman 25 Jun 2009

Error occured while running following script : Error :incorrect number of bytes returned from a File Read Expected 72,Received : 33 Script Source : Chapter 1: IntroductionA FastLoad ExampleTeradata FastLoad Reference 1 – 35Error occured while running following script : sessions 2;errlimit 25;logon tdpid/username,password;CREATE TABLE employee (EmpNo SMALLINT FORMAT ‘9(5)’ BETWEEN 10001 AND 32001 NOT NULL,Name VARCHAR(12),DeptNo SMALLINT FORMAT ‘999’ BETWEEN 100 AND 900 ,PhoneNo SMALLINT FORMAT ‘9999’ BETWEEN 1000 AND 9999,JobTitle VARCHAR(12),Salary DECIMAL(8,2) FORMAT ‘ZZZ,ZZ9.99’ BETWEEN 1.00 AND 999000.00 ,YrsExp BYTEINT FORMAT ‘Z9’ BETWEEN -99 AND 99 ,DOB DATE FORMAT ‘MMMbDDbYYYY’,Sex CHAR(1) UPPERCASE,Race CHAR(1) UPPERCASE,MStat CHAR(1) UPPERCASE,EdLev BYTEINT FORMAT ‘Z9’ BETWEEN 0 AND 22,HCap BYTEINT FORMAT ‘Z9’ BETWEEN -99 AND 99 )UNIQUE PRIMARY INDEX( EmpNo ) ;set record unformatted;definedelim0(char(1)),EmpNo(char(9)), delim1(char(1)),Name(char(12)), delim2(char(1)),DeptNo(char(3)), delim3(char(1)),PhoneNo(char(4)), delim4(char(1)),JobTitle(char(12)), delim5(char(1)),Salary(char(9)), delim6(char(1)),YrsExp(char(2)), delim7(char(1)),DOB(char(11)), delim8(char(1)),Sex(char(1)), delim9(char(1)),Race(char(1)), delim10(char(1)),MStat(char(1)), delim11(char(1)),EdLev(char(2)), delim12(char(1)),HCap(char(2)), delim13(char(1)),newlinechar(char(1))file=insert.input;show;begin loading employee errorfiles error_1, error_2;insert into employee (:EmpNo,:Name,:DeptNo,:PhoneNo,:JobTitle,:Salary,:YrsExp,:DOB,:Sex,:Race,:MStat,:EdLev,:HCap);end loading;logoff;Comments Appreciated

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Viewpoint PDK Topic by MSkiLLz 19 Jun 2009

What is the difference between this new version and the previous one?

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system is not coming in drop down... Topic by gander_ss 18 Jun 2009

Hi ,I have added the TD system in teradata view point.Also connection manager has been enabled for the same.But Still not able to see the system in drop down in view point.Is there any thing we are missing ?

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Help with Errors Topic by MSkiLLz 04 Jun 2009

I don't know how to fix these errors. I'm not really sure what the first one wants but I'm pretty sure the second one just can't find that location so how do I fix these?[mkdir] Created dir: C:\Events\build\classes [javac] Compiling 11 source files to C:\Events\build\classes [javac] C:\Events\src\java\com\teradata\portlets\events\validators\ non-static method equals(java.lang.Object) cannot be referenced from a static context [javac] return EditEventModel.equals(clazz); [javac] ^ [javac] C:\Events\src\java\com\teradata\portlets\events\validators\ cannot find symbol [javac] symbol : variable lang [javac] location: class com.teradata.portlets.calendar.validators.EditEventValidator [javac] if(obj.getClass() == java.lang.String && ((String)obj).trim().length() <= 0) [javac] ^ [javac] Note: C:\Events\src\java\com\teradata\portlets\events\controllers\ uses unchecked or unsafe operations. [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details. [javac] 2 errorsHere is the codepackage com.teradata.portlets.calendar.validators;import com.teradata.portlets.calendar.model.EditEventModel;import java.sql.Timestamp;import org.springframework.validation.Errors;import org.springframework.validation.Validator;public class EditEventValidator implements Validator{ public EditEventValidator() { } public boolean supports(Class clazz) { return EditEventModel.equals(clazz); } public void validate(Object obj, Errors e) { EditEventModel editEventModel = (EditEventModel)obj; if(editEventModel == null) throw new NullPointerException("encountered null edit event form model"); Integer id = editEventModel.getEventId(); String eventTitle = editEventModel.getEventTitle(); String eventText = editEventModel.getEventText(); String author = editEventModel.getEventAuthorName(); String lastModifiedName = editEventModel.getEventLastModifiedName(); Integer priority = editEventModel.getEventPriority(); Long start = editEventModel.getEventStartTime(); Long end = editEventModel.getEventEndTime(); Long logTime = editEventModel.getEventLogTime(); Long lastModifiedTime = editEventModel.getEventLastModifiedTime(); validateRequiredField("eventId", id, e); if(id.intValue() != -1) { validateRequiredField("eventAuthorName", author, e); validateRequiredField("eventLastModifiedName", lastModifiedName, e); validateTimestamp("eventLogTime", logTime, e); validateTimestamp("eventLastModifiedTime", lastModifiedTime, e); } validateRequiredField("eventTitle", eventTitle, e); validateMaxLength("eventTitle", eventTitle, 128, e); validateMaxLength("eventText", eventText, 16384, e); validateRequiredField("eventPriority", priority, e); validateRequiredField("eventStartTime", start, e); validateTimestamp("eventStartTime", start, e); validateRequiredField("eventEndTime", end, e); validateTimestamp("eventEndTime", end, e); if(start != null && end != null && start.longValue() > end.longValue()) e.rejectValue("eventStartTime", "errors.startafterend"); } public void validateRequiredField(String fieldName, Object obj, Errors e) { if(obj == null) { e.rejectValue(fieldName, "errors.required"); return; } if(obj.getClass() == java.lang.String && ((String)obj).trim().length() <= 0) e.rejectValue(fieldName, "errors.required"); } public void validateTimestamp(String fieldName, Long time, Errors e) { if(time == null) return; try { Timestamp timestamp = new Timestamp(time.longValue()); if(timestamp == null) e.rejectValue(fieldName, "errors.invalidtimestamp"); } catch(Exception ex) { e.rejectValue(fieldName, "errors.invalidtimestamp"); } } public void validateMaxLength(String fieldName, String string, int maxLength, Errors e) { if(string == null) return; if(string.length() > maxLength) e.rejectValue(fieldName, "errors.toolong"); } public static final int MAX_LENGTH_EVENTTITLE = 128; public static final int MAX_LENGTH_EVENTTEXT = 16384;}

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New Portlet Project fails ant deploy (Host not found?) Topic by textures21 04 May 2009

Hi all,I just set up the Viewpoint PDK on a Linux box. Went through all the steps and got things working (mostly), much to my chagrin...However I ran into issues when trying to follow the 'Generating the Hello Project' sample. Namely, I encountered issues with the ant deploy.It seems the build.xml makes references to a web location that no longer exists.Did anyone else encounter this? And, if so... how did you resolve it?Thanks,-Petersandman Hello # ant deployBuildfile: build.xml [get] Getting: [get] To: /Hello/ [get] Error getting to /Hello/ [mkdir] Created dir: /Hello/.buildconfig [get] Getting: [get] To: /Hello/.buildconfig/ [get] Error getting to /Hello/.buildconfig/build-config.zipBUILD FAILED/Hello/build.xml:12: The following error occurred while executing this line:/Hello/ time: 0 seconds

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Viewpoint PDK available for download Topic by neilotoole 18 Nov 2008

The Viewpoint PDK is now available for download. Note that the download is in two parts (and a README); after download, extract the two zip files into the same directory, and off you go.

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how can we skip the multi load statement if the file is empty. Topic by rajesh4u4e 24 Nov 2008

Hi I am new to teradata. I am using Teradata on unix. I am facing some problem. can anyone help me please.this is the can we skip the multi load statement if the file is empty.grep 'test' file1> file2mload statement with file2Thanks,Rajesh

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