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How to configure a portlet so that each user their can store his own portlet preferences values? Topic by Marcus1 19 Apr 2011 portlet, user, preferences, values, settings, store, each, own


We need each VP user to be able to store his very own portlet preferences values
in a custom developed VP portlet .
Like each user needs to configure his own personal database-login in the preferences.

The problem right now is that as soon as user 'A' changes the values of the his own preferences to his own
personal settings, his settings are somehow distributed to all other vp users too.

So next time when user 'B' looks at his preferences settings he will see the personal
preferences settings of user 'A' , instead of his own user 'B' preferences settings.

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NO DATA in Today's Statistics Portlet Topic by JustMe 11 Mar 2011

Came in to work this morning and the Today's Statistics portlet is showing 'no data' for the columns 'Last Hour' and 'Since 12 AM Today'.

Have not seen this before. It's only reporting this way on our Production system... not on Development or QA.

Any suggestions for resolution?

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How to insert a backbutton arrow to refresh the portlet? Topic by dirshah 02 Mar 2011 portlet, back button, refresh, drill down

Hi All,
I looked into this jira for inserting a back button arrow into my portlet. It says that I must include the following lines of code into the drilldown jsp.

<%@ taglib prefix="vp" uri=""%>

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SMS alerts through View Point Topic by Soumyatg 08 Feb 2011


My customer mentions that they cannot use View Point for sending SMS, only the feature of email and SNMP is available. Is there a workaround to send sms from ViewPoint?


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Change the portlet display name? Topic by ldkhang 11 Jan 2011

Can anyone tell me the steps to change the portlet display name? I have tried to change the display-name tag, as well as 'title' and 'short-title' as part of the portlet-info tag, both within portlet.xml, but it didn't work.

Thanks a lot,

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Welcome to the Viewpoint discussion forum Topic by neilotoole 18 Nov 2008

Welcome to the Viewpoint discussion forum at

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CSS + JS load problem Topic by ldkhang 17 Dec 2010

Hi everyone,

I am struggling with the following problem (detailed steps below) when trying to develop portlet using PDK:

1. Create a new portlet using the portletGenerator.jar
2. In this generated portlet, the include.jsp file should already place the one default css file with the portlet name under an enclosed vp:managedResource tag
3. Edit this css file, to add in some simple style like: p .dummy { font-size: 30px; }
4. Edit the summary.jsp file to use the above style.
5. Deploy the portlet using: ant deploy, from the generated portlet directory

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Viewpoint Cache database data migration Topic by hd185015 15 Dec 2010 viewpoint cachedb migration

We are planning to retire the existing viewpoint hardwares (13.03), replace with new hardwares(13.10 and 24GB memory), the question is how can migrate the Cache database data to the new server?

Options we can think of are:

Option 1: backup and restore to the new cache database, but are the two version of metadata structure the same? do we need to downgrade the 13.10 to 13.03 first, then upgrade after the restore?

Option 2: config into cluster and use the PostgreSQL Replication, same question with option 1

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Viewpoint 13.10 upgrade issues Topic by JJCrum 28 Sep 2010

We just upgraded to Viewpoint 13.10 from 13.03 and we are having issues with users' credentials. It appears that if LDAP authentication is enabled then users can logon to Viewpoint by entering a username without the password. This means that if someone knows the id of an administrator they could gain access to portlets that they might not otherwise have access to.

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Graphing in Portlets Topic by Douglas 22 Nov 2010

Are there any examples of implementing those java script graphs that are provided in the examples folder in a portlet? The reason I ask is that I am trying to bring one those into my portlet and it graphs in Firefox but not in any other browser. Is there a special place I am supposed to put the java script file?

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Query Groups concept - Requesting feedback Topic by gryback 19 Nov 2010 viewpoint, portlet, queries


Today in Viewpoint, one has two options for viewing of session/query information. The MyQueries portlet allows a user to see their queries even for varying Teradata logins across different Teradata systems. There is also the Query Monitor portlet that allows one to see all the queries on a system with various sorting and filtering options.

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Newbie Portlet Deployment Questions Topic by Douglas 22 Jul 2010

First Question:

I am currently developing portlets using the viewpoint pdk on windows. I am trying to deploy it on the production viewpoint server that is on Linux. To deploy the portlet onto that machine, is it the same as deploying it on my windows machine. I mean in terms of using the build script using ant or is there another way that you deploy them.

Second Question:

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Retrieve database/Table name Topic by ldkhang 18 Nov 2010

Hi all,

Can PDK provide the resolution of database/table name given its ID? I haven't figured out the right method to call yet.

The context of this question is when I want to output the database/table name that is causing a block on a particular session. The SessionDAO gives us the id details, but not the names.

Warmest regards,

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Non-Web Java application Topic by ldkhang 13 Nov 2010

Dear Viewpoint community,

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IE 6.x usage of Viewpoint Topic by gryback 18 Oct 2010 portlet, viewpont, browser


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Would anyone like to comment on the most commonly used portlets for various Teradata users? Topic by gryback 21 Apr 2010 viewpoint, portlet, help

Hey everyone,

I'm in the midst of creating a new Viewpoint article discussing getting started with Viewpoint and what portlets are most often used as a starting dashboard for various Teradata user roles. So questions like, "if I was to share Viewpoint with our Business Users, which portlets would I want to allow them to use?" or "As a DBA, what are the most logical portlets to start with?". So the article is going to try and provide some insight for those whom have questions like that.

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Can't add a Page Topic by southsong 27 Aug 2010

Can't add a new portal page from the viewpoint welcome page. This problem was observed while accesing the viewpoint from IE7. All the users of the viewpoint are given the same role and only a few users seem to experience this problem.
Are there any settings that needs to be changed in order for the 'Add Page' feature to work?

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Where can i download the ViewPoint software? Topic by singleamp 30 Sep 2010

Our company just started looking into this product and my management want to look at the features and functions of this tool. Is there a place i can download a demo version? Can i use it against TD 13.0 for Windows Demo database?

Thanks for help.

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Tracking Session Data Portlet Topic by Douglas 01 Sep 2010 session, cpu, delta cpu, delta, username, user name, user

I am creating a portlet that will be able to graph certain variables such as delta CPU by user name over a day. I know that I can pull all the session data grouped by user name, but I was wondering if there is a method or DAO that you could recommend that would give me a list of user names for a system. It does not have to filter out ones that don't have any sessions during the day.

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Viewpoint 13.03 Piechart Tutorial Topic by Douglas 04 Aug 2010 pie chart graph widget tutorial

I was looking Viewpoint's 13.03 release I saw that Teradata incorporated a pie chart graph widget into their api. I was wondering if you could provide a tutorial on how to incorporate this widget into my program.

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Help with Query Request Portlet Topic by Douglas 19 Jul 2010

I am trying to develop a portlet that will display the worst queries in terms of CPU time, skew, or I/O usage over a certain period of time like a week or day. I started by pulling all of the session data by using the getSessions() function inside the sessionDAO. Then I filter out the individual session requests from that.

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Viewpoint SQL Scratchpad Save Query error Topic by mnylin 04 Aug 2010 viewpoint 13.03


We're currently experiencing an error when our Viewpoint users try to save a query in the SQL Scratchpad portlet. No matter what we name the query, the user receives a Duplicate Query Name error and the query can't be saved. We can successfully view previously run queries in the history but we would really like to be able to save queries with easily recognizable names.

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How to debug Viewpoint JSP's and controller classes with eclipse debugger? Topic by Marcus1 30 Jul 2010 debug viewpoint java jsp eclipse debugger wtp

Hi all,

I'd like to use the eclipse debugger to step through the JSP's and controller classes of the viewpoint sample portlets to learn more about viewpoint.

What eclipse plugins do you recommend or use (like WTP, MyEclipse, ...) ?

How can I setup eclipse and Tomcat to step through any existing eclipse Viewpoint Portlet java source using the eclipse debugger?

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Support from Elastic Marts developer needed to successfully do changes in EMB source Topic by Marcus1 21 Jul 2010 viewpoint, elastic marts builder, emb, csv

Hello EMB developers,

The deadline for our project is very close and we still don't have 'EMB' running successfully.
Additionally we need to make the following changes to the EMB code:

- Use ';' as the CSV seperator instead of ','
- Change the name of the database 'DB_Sandbox_Users' to 'DWH_AnalyticalSandbox'
- Change the name of the admin_user ‘DB_Sandbox_Admin’ to ‘ADM_GKV_EMart’.

We have an idea how to make the changes in the EMB code,
but we are getting all kinds of java exceptions while using the 'DataUploadPortlet'.

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