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Info on Viewpoint Database Topic by super25 27 Sep 2011 viewpoint

I think viewpoint miantains its own database in Postgre, is there a way i can find details about that database and query it? Also i would like to know the capacity limit of the database

3 replies, 8 years ago
Viewpoint - Datalab Personal Workspace Issue Topic by ceslag 12 Oct 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if you could help me figure out why upon creation of Datalab workspace through the Personal Workspace Template in Viewpoint, I get the error that says "Not Enough Space Available". Are there any logs that I can verify and check? Which "Space" is this message referring to?

Thanks in advance for your response!

1 reply, 8 years ago
Heatmap issues Topic by bs185073 06 Oct 2011 viewpoint administration portlets

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place for me to ask questions about issues with Heatmap. My customer is using Vp 13.11.05,, and he said,,

1 reply, 8 years ago
Clearing ALL alerts on filtered application Topic by knjtm0 26 Sep 2011

In Log View, I filter by application and click the "clear all alerts" button.  My understanding is that this should clear ONLY those alerts shown (those for the filter by application).  Has anyone seen the behaviour where this alert clears all alerts for ALL applications / processes?

4 replies, 8 years ago
Problem with data collectors not fucntioning Topic by RLine 09 Sep 2011

We recently installed view point and tried to configure the system but we are not able get the data collectors to function.  We get the following error message:


1 reply, 8 years ago
Hiding Preferences Icon Topic by dirshah 06 Sep 2011


   How can I hide the preferences icon(gear) in my portlet. Any ideas on this?

4 replies, 8 years ago
How to include query band details in Viewpoint Alert email for TASM Aborts? Topic by robpaller 16 Aug 2011 viewpoint tasm tdwm alerts

Is there a way in the current release of Viewpoint (13.11.x) to include the query band name value pairs, if they exist, in the emails generated by the Viewpoint Alert mechanism?

While they are easily obtained using the Rewind mechanism and Query Monitor portlet it would eliminate one step in getting the information needed to pass on to a BI tool administrator, per say.

1 reply, 8 years ago
Multiple Portlet Installations Topic by mnylin 11 Aug 2011 viewpoint, pdk, personal workspace template

We only have a single Viewpoint system and I've had less than stellar success getting the PDK sample Viewpoint instance up and running and I need the ability to test changes to an existing in-use portlet. What steps do I need to follow to install a second instance of a portlet on a Viewpoint server?

1 reply, 8 years ago
Query Band tab in Query Monitor Detail View Topic by abulusa 04 Aug 2011 viewpoint, query banding, query band

The Query Band tab in the Query Monitor Detail View is grayed-out. What activates this tab? Which underlying table(s) store the Query Band attribute?

Thanks in advance!

1 reply, 8 years ago
MyQuery portlet and Skew Topic by ulrich 26 Jan 2011 skew viewpoint coexisting system

Hi all,

we run TD 13 on a coexisting system.
I observe that many queries of in viewpoint show high skew values but the data has good distributions.
Does Viewpoint calculate the skew on the normalized CPU or on the non normalized CPU?

3 replies, 8 years ago
code in Portlet preferences page and ${isConfig} Topic by bilal.farooq 20 Jul 2011 preferences, ${isconfig}


I am interested in knowing what exactly is the below mentioned code doing:

What is stored in ${isConfig} ...?

2 replies, 8 years ago
how to make Portlet's service implementation class non-singleton Topic by bilal.farooq 19 Jul 2011 non singleton, service implementation


Our Portlets Service Implementation class has to contain some "state" information, how can it be made a non-singleton...?
I tried singleton="false" in the bean declaration in applicationContext.xml but it does not seem to work.

2 replies, 8 years ago
Viewpoint / TASM Alerting Topic by sixpakvb 19 Jul 2011 viewpoint, tasm

We are receiving alerts from Viewpoint with no problem, however, the information being passed is not completely helpful just from the alert message. Is there anyway to change what is passed back in the message? SesNum is helpful but HoteID and ReqNum are useless. It would be great to get a UserName somewhere.


1 reply, 8 years ago
how to implement "if/else" with <vs:isUserInRole role="Administrator"> Topic by bilal.farooq 15 Jul 2011 administrator, user, role, vs:isuserinrole


I want to render portlet content only for "Administrator" "Role" and, render: "Access not allowed" for any other "Role".
What would be the best way to achieve this "if/else"...


2 replies, 8 years ago
Restriction on number of "instances" of a portlet...? Topic by bilal.farooq 15 Jul 2011 portlet instances


Is there any provision by default, to have a control on the number of instances of a portlet?
If not, what would be the best way to control the number of instances of a portlet that a user can deploy... ?


2 replies, 8 years ago
Viewpoint Alert vs. TDManager Topic by ldkhang 14 Feb 2011

Dear all,

I am not able to find the configuration in Viewpoint for those alertings under the category 'Event' that is present in TDManager? Examples are: System restart, Mini-cylpack, Internal Error, Deadlock ...

Am I missing out something in Viewpoint or how should these be achieved?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Warmest regards,

6 replies, 8 years ago
Disabling the preferences button in Admin-Role Manger-Portlets Topic by dirshah 17 Jun 2011 portlets, role manager

Hi All,
How can I disable the preferences button in Admin-->Role Manager--> Portlets. I am using td pdk 13.11.

4 replies, 8 years ago
Getting the role of the current user Topic by dirshah 17 Jun 2011 user, role

I need the role of a user in my code so can anyone tell me as how to get the role of the current user?

Thanks in advance.

6 replies, 8 years ago
how to get label of the active <vp:tab> element Topic by bilal.farooq 20 Jun 2011 label, vp:tab, get

Hi all,

Is there any possibility to get the value of the label for the that is clicked or the one that is active.... ?


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Deleted VP-System keeps on coming back in 'Teradata Systems' admin portlet Topic by Marcus1 27 Apr 2011 delete, remove, teradata systems, system, back, admin portlet


We have a PDK V13.03.00.05-b106 test system at our customer site.

When we try to delete a certain VP-system within the 'Teradata Systems' admin portlet
the VP-system can be deleted at first and it does disappear.

But as soon as we close and reopen the 'Teradata Systems' admin portlet the
deleted system is back like a 'Zombie'-System.

4 replies, 8 years ago
creation and usage of custom Postgres DB Table for data storage, from a Portlet. Topic by bilal.farooq 18 May 2011 portlet, insert, table, data, select, postgres sql

Hi Guys,

Our portlet has to store a considerably large amount of data. Is there a way to "create" a custom table in the Postgres SQL DB for storing this Data. And afterwards be able to query this table and also do inserts and updates?

4 replies, 8 years ago
Can we access/query Viewpoint cache database? Topic by sb255019 19 May 2011 viewpoint, dcs, viewpoint database


I want to fetch the canary query information for the Viewpoint database (DCS) Is it possible do so? What I want to achieve is that I want to fetch all the information regarding canary queries that Viewpoint is storing in its database. If it is possible to query viewpoint (database->tables storing info on canary queries) can anybody guide me how to achieve the needful?

1 reply, 8 years ago
can a Portlet open a Java socket connection or an RMI connection to a Java Socket/RMI Server? Topic by bilal.farooq 17 May 2011 portlet, server, socket, rmi, file-system access, client


Q1. We have a specific requirement... Our Portlet has to communicate with a Java Socket Server OR a Java RMI Server... Is this doable, I mean can we open a socket connection or an RMI connection from inside a portlet's java classes?

Q2. Can a portlet access/traverse/read the local file-system structure of the Viewpoint SLES server?


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Appliance Portlets source code? Topic by jwernert 10 May 2011


I'd like to modify existing portlets in order to add specific features we need.

The PDK doesn't come with source code for monitoring portlets for example. Is there any way to get them?



1 reply, 8 years ago
Alerts are not emailing Topic by sixpakvb 06 May 2011 viewpoint, email alerting

We recently upgraded to the latest verison of Viewpoint 13.11 and have gone through to set up alerts. I have set up an email alert action and have successfully tested it from viewpoint. However, any alerts that use email are not sending alerts. Also, placing values in the dbcmngr.alertrequest table does not send an email either. The row is selected and deleted but no email comes across.

2 replies, 8 years ago