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How to check total cpu time of session? Topic by 07 Mar 2016

One user submitted a lot of small queries in one session, it use a lot of cpu and make system slow. In view point, I only can check the cpu time for query level, it's difficuty to detect this session, if any way to check the total cpu time of one session in view point? If have, then will be easy to detect this kind of session and handle it.

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TDWM filter: 'Full Table Scan' Topic by amar3009 26 Feb 2016

Hi Friends,


I am trying to avoid Full Table Scans on one of our big tables. I tried to create a filter, but it is working fine for the queries which are referring only this table. If we join with other lookup/dimention tables, it is throwing error (filter error) as it is seeing full table scan on those small tables.


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Unable to start ViewPoint in Firefox Topic by Jugalkishorebhatt1 25 Feb 2016 viewpoint

Hello All,
This is the 1st time i am using the viewpoint portel.
In the firefox browser i tried both http:localhost:9080 and http: But i was unable to view the point.
When i checked the log in /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portal/logs/viewpoint.log. file is missing.

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how to extract owners/users of a data lab/ data lab group? Topic by charleshugo 18 Feb 2016 viewpoint, data lab, data lab group

Hi all,
Could anyone tell me:
From which databases/table can I extract info about the owner/user of data lab/data lab group instead of from viewpoint?
Thank you!

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Error when starting Workload Designer Topic by hyma 15 Nov 2012 viewpoint

When trying to start Workload Designer (as Admin, viewpoint 14.00) I got the message:
"You are not authorized to viewrulesets on any system."
- view rulesets and edit rulesets for Workload Desinger are checked for Admin (in Permissions).
- TASM Config, Distribution, Exception, State, Summary under "Data Collectors" are all enabled.

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Viewpoint is not configured in TDExpress15.10.0.7_Sles11_40GB_vp Topic by rs255057 27 Jan 2016 viewpoint

Hi Friends,
I am using image TDExpress15.10.0.7_Sles11_40GB_vp and found that Viewpoint is not configured in this machine. I created the Viewpoint user as well as console user, still not able to add database on Teradata System tab.
Can somebody help me in this regard ?
Ravi Sharma

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Metric Heatmap IO Usage Metric and hi-low settings Topic by jjudge 25 Jan 2016 heatmap, IO, values

anyone have recommendations on metric to use and value settings for a 2800 appliance. I see the metric, Disk Usage on pg.249 of VP User Guide is displaying as a % .  What source is this metric derived from and how would I determine what min/max threshholds to set for a  2800 node?

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Portlet Lock Viewer no show data Topic by gdvaldesh 15 Sep 2014 Portlet Lock VIewer

I have in dbscontrol the flag locklogger = TRUE, locklogger delay filter = TRUE, locklogger delay filter time = 60, i restarted tpa for apply changes, i started dumplocklog and the portlet Lock VIewer dont show any data but the portlet Query Monitor show the current blocks.
thx in advanced

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Alternative to Viewpoint? Topic by michaelm 04 Nov 2015

We have many users and many data labs existing on our system. When submitting a data lab request, most users allocate themselves way too much space. Now our group is hitting the space limit.I would like to do is to loop through all available data labs in that group, and decrease the allocated space of each data lab to a minimum (e.g. actual size + 15%).

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Viewpoint Server Single-Sign-On Authentication Topic by tj.madsen 23 Jun 2011 viewpoint, authentication, external authentication, siteminder

Is there any support for Siteminder/Pubcookie style external authentication for Viewpoint rather than using LDAP? If not, are there any plans for integrating this kind of functionality?

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Query Monitor portlet refresh rate Topic by StevenSchmid 16 Dec 2015

We have a system running Viewpoint 15.00 and Teradata 15.00 with SLES 11.
Prior to upgrading to SLES 11, so the Teradata and Viewpoint were both 15.00, we had configured the Query Monitor portlet to refresh every 10 seconds (The Sessions data collector sample rate was set to 10 seconds and the Monitor rate for Sessions sampling was also 10 seconds)

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Monitor Partition Topic by Kishore_1 19 Dec 2015 Monitor Partition

We are getting alert- Check for a system hang on the monitor partition.  VP was unable to collect data for SQL Explain info.
Is there any query to identify system is hung due to a particular session and corresponding partition?

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How to setup bteq, program, sending email on VMWare 15 Topic by chill3che 16 Nov 2015 vmware, smtp, bteq script run

Greetings Experts,
I have downloaded and installed the   TDExpress15.00.01_Sles10_40GB_vp  on VMware-player-7.1.0-2496824
I am trying to setup alerts for sending email.  How to configure the SMTP Host and the Email-address on the VM.

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Stats Manager Collect Job Frequency Topic by kmiesse 02 Dec 2015 Stats Manager, collect job

When scheduling a collect job in Stats Manager I don't have an option to schedule the job more frequently than one week. Why is daily not an option?
Thanks in advance!

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Another way to monitoring when viewpoint is very slow Topic by Kyowar 18 Nov 2015 viewpoint, query, dbql, slow, monitor

Hi guys,
The Viewpoint of my inviroment is very slow and I want find another way to monitoring when this kind of problem occurs.
How can I create something like the portlet of "Query monitor" of viewpoint throught DBQL tables or anything else ?
Is there possible ? 

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Data Collector Status Alert Topic by sputumbaka 13 Nov 2015

Hello All,
  Is there a way to alert on 'data collector status' ?
For instance, if the password for the account used by the data Collector was changed on the system and not in viewpoint, there is a warning icon.
The data collector fails to collect any monitoring information.

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Database's Quantity difference between Viewpoint and dbc.databases Topic by jotaegui 21 Oct 2015 viewpoint databases

Hi All,
        Which is the difference between the quantity of databases shown in viewpoint and the databases in dbc?
In viewpoint we can see 298 databases but this query returns 357:  select count(*)  from dbc.databases.
Which kind of filter was apply? 
Thanks in advance.

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Health alerts - Any query to find the same without viewpoint Topic by gskaushik 25 Sep 2015 #Alert #Health query

Hi all,
I am using Teradata 14.0 with viewpoint at the same version,
Want to understand if we can query and retrieve the health alerts provided by viewpoint through data dictionary.
Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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Data collectors fail with the following error -- Unable to retrieve Teradata database version or retrieved unkn Topic by rs2577 21 Sep 2015

Data collectors are failing with the following error:
"Unable to retrieve Teradata database version or retrieved unknown Teradata database version". Tried disabling and enabling the system so that system data collector runs and clears this error. But no luck on this. Can you suggest?

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Roles of DBA in viewpoint v14.10.00.03 Topic by abhirup 02 Sep 2015

What are the important points DBA needs to follow while monitoring teradata viewpoint v14.10.00.03?
Thanks in advance

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Identifying Data Lab expiration dates on the system tables Topic by janetmbeard 09 Oct 2013 data labs, system tables

I am looking to identify the expiration date for Data Labs on the system tables, but so far have not been able to find this information.
The reason we require this is for MI and monitoring purposes.

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Understanding REQ CPU in Query Spotlight Topic by Ramubukka 11 Sep 2015

Hi ,
for one of query total duration is  00:08:21 , but its showing REQ CPU as 986.16.
as pef user manual 


Number of CPU seconds needed to run the query

that means 986.16 seconds i.e 16.436 minustes.   but query duration itself 8 minuts 21 secods , how come its possible ,experites can you please clear my doubt.

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On the Productivity Portlet the QPH calculation at times seems exceptionally high can you explain why that is? Topic by SandyRumble 18 Aug 2015 Viewpoint QPH

We just upgraded to Viewpoint 15.10 and I started using the Productivity portlet.   WHen I choose to monitor a particular user/session there are times that it gives me QPH (queries per hour) that seem to be unrealistic, while at other times it seems quite normal.   

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What does Remote Data Import on viewpoint mean? Topic by abanarse 18 Aug 2015 QueryGrid, teradata viewpoint

Hi TD,
I am trying to import a table of size 15GB(uncompressed text format on hive) from td hadoop to teradata using Query Grid. When monitoring the job through viewpoint, the Remote data Imported shows a value of 800T intially and then reduces to 500E and eventually to 218T. What exactly do those values mean?  

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