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21 Apr 2010
Would anyone like to comment on the most commonly used portlets for various Teradata users?

Hey everyone,

I'm in the midst of creating a new Viewpoint article discussing getting started with Viewpoint and what portlets are most often used as a starting dashboard for various Teradata user roles. So questions like, "if I was to share Viewpoint with our Business Users, which portlets would I want to allow them to use?" or "As a DBA, what are the most logical portlets to start with?". So the article is going to try and provide some insight for those whom have questions like that.

But I figured it may be worth putting the question out on the forum in parallel to see what others have to say.

So here's your chance at fame and fortune ...


Chusa01 9 posts Joined 05/09
04 Nov 2010

We have the very basic portlets -- but i want more -- i just don't know if they're available -- or if they're not -- if & how I can go about buildling them. It seems like all of the information that you'd need would be on the view point server, but.... who knows.

First -- i'd like a portlet that allows me to SEARCH & see all of a given user's queries. (or maybe by default - you can't search, but you see all of YOUR queries) over time. this would be incredibly useful for when someone says - i ran this query bla bla & it had this issue, etc -- can you help me. -- the first challenge is always trying to FIND the query.... & so, searching to see what was run under a given user id would be totally useful to allow quick responses to those questions.

Next -- i'd like a portlet that allows me to work with ROLES and USERID's - so that i can see what roles are available -- or what roles a particular user has -- as well as (in the detailed view) what tables the user or the role has access to & what permissions.

Next -- database space -- it would be great to have a portlet that shows you information -- overtime about database space -- so that you see trends & understand if something's going to run out of space soon -- or isn't even close to using what it has. Space info would need to be captured periodically though. it would be nice if we could capture both the used as well as the total allocated as well as the max amp amount -- which could allow us to calculate the theoretical usage with skew factored in -- meaning that if you have one amp that has a million records on it & all the other ones are empty & you have 4 amps, you're usage should be viewed as 4 millions records - not 1 million; however, your used space would only be 1 million records....

Next -- & this one is the one that i origionlly was looking for when i stubled upon your post -- It seems to me that viewpoint should have the majority of the information needed to create a viewpoint Visual Explain. this could be another tab in the Query Monitor window. When queries run long -- people might be more inclined to go to viewpoint (even the ones who don't do explains) -- so -- if we had the visual explain right there -- they would be able to (with out any additional work) click on it & possibly see that their query isn't doing what they expected -- or at a minimum get a better understanding of whats going on. Additionally, this might help the dba's quickly asses if the query is doomed or if it has a chance.

so -- that's it for now.... did you get any other silent takers for the fame & fortune since April?


gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
04 Nov 2010


The first suggestion I would make is to check out the current documentation and/or training materials for Viewpoint as it will provide an overview of all the capabilities. These can be found in the Viewpoint channel Reference and Training tabs. Quick answers below.

Ability to view queries is offered in two varieties, all queries through "Query Monitor" portlet and a single user option to view their queries through the "MyQueries" portlet.

For your Roles and User-Ids request, that is more of a Teradata Administrator function and has not migrated to Viewpoint.

Database space is covered by the "Space Usage" portlet.

Visual Explain remains a product outside of Viewpoint for now.

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