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MarkVYoung 12 posts Joined 03/12
12 Aug 2012
Workload Designer - Using Time Periods

Hi, I am a little confused in how to setup a simple workload period and configure it for changes to allow different workloads to have different resource allocations at different times of the day. I have reviewed the Workload Designer section of the User guide but it just confuses me.

In TDWM, we used to set up operating periods, which were then associated with workloads, but this does not seem to be the case with Workload Designer.

So far, I have configured a new Planned ENV, called Business_Hours, which is to allow for setting up different resource allocations for workloads based on if they are running during the hours of 0800 - 1900 and then leaving the Always to cover all other hours - normally would call batch window. Since I am just looking at a simple instance of this, there is no difference in the states required, but i have created a state called Bus_Hours anyway, with the same settings as BASE.

Now when I go to Workloads, there does not appear to be anywhere to change the TYPE (Priority, Normal, Background) depending on which environment. The only place I seem to be able to make changes is in the Priority Distribution section, which seems to only allow you to change the CPU % of the 3 previous allocation groups.

Is this how you set up what I require?

Bus_hours:- Priority 10%, Normal 6%, Background 4%

BASE:- Priority 4%, Normal 6%, Background 10%

This seems completely changed from how we used to allocate different workloads to the allocation groups, based on the period of day.

bcherian 1 post Joined 01/11
14 Aug 2012

There seems to be some confusion in the terms here. Workloads are not directly assigned to Operating Periods or Planned Environments. Workloads can also not be in different Allocation Groups or Resource Partitions in different Planned Environments. This the same behaviour in TDWM Admin and in Workload Designer.

Workloads belong to AGs, and you manage resource allocations by controlling the amount of CPU allocated to an AG in each Planned Environment. So you seem to be on the right track with your current setup to achieve the results you want.


MarkVYoung 12 posts Joined 03/12
27 Sep 2012

Thanks, you were right about the Allocation Groups. I visited another Teradata site and got put back on the right track by reviewing how their system was setup.

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