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gdvaldesh 7 posts Joined 04/14
10 Sep 2014
Why detail graphic in the usage space portlet show different current perm space?

Hi, when i delete or insert data in any database, the portlet space usage in the main view show correctly info, but when i go to detail view in the graph show diferent info, tha data in the chart is correctly too, only the graph is incorrectly. For example when i delete data, in dbc show 300GB, but in the graph show 500GB, after 5 minutes the graph show 495GB, another 5 minutes show 400GB, takes about 24 hrs to refresh the correctly info.
thx in advanced

krishaneesh 140 posts Joined 04/13
11 Sep 2014

what is the data collector's refresh rate that you see for the following 2 parameters. (Disk Space and Database Space). is there a difference? that explains

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
11 Sep 2014

The Disk Space collector doesn't have anything to do with the data in Space Usage.  It only uses the data from the Database Space and Table Space collectors.  These collectors by default don't run all that often as there could be lots of data to collect and store in the Viewpoint database, so I wouldn't count on Space Usage for immediate feedback after changes to space are made.

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