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14 Jul 2009
Welcome to the Teradata Developer Exchange discussion forums!

Teradata Developer Exchange is now hosting all the Teradata-related technical discussion forums. These forums are replacing the previous legacy Teradata discussion forums, but if you cannot find an answer to a topic here, please search the previous forums before posting.

Who can post here? Any registered user. But we have a few guidelines for you.

- Search the forums (using the sidebar at right) before posting a question.
- But don't be afraid to ask questions. We're friendly around here!
- When posting a new topic, provide a useful subject line. The subject line should give a succinct but informative explanation of the topic.
- Again when posting a new topic, use the "tags" textfield to annotate your topic. This makes it easier to search for and interrelate topics.
- Post your topic in the most appropriate forum, and please don't cross-post your topic into multiple forums. If you don't know where to post your topic, post it in the General forum.
- When responding to a topic, try to stay on-subject. If necessary, post a new topic.
- Don't get personal, and don't gratuitously attack persons or companies. This includes our competitors, even if their products aren't nearly as awesome as ours!

If you have feedback on the new forums, you can post a topic into the General forum. So, please enjoy the new forums, and remember: work hard, be nice!

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ramureddy 1 post Joined 08/12
22 Aug 2012

please provide me the suggestions about loader connections for mlaod and tpump  at session level.


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