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18 Jan 2010
Viewpoint - where to start as a newbie ?

Hi,I am TD Master V2R5, but totally newbie in Viewpoint (just by chance found it), and very interesting to start investigate on this excellent tool. However, I do not know where should I start to do this. Some questions come in my mind:1- Is Viewpoint a software product which need license before using or it is an environment for developing something to manage/administrate the TD system ?2- Are Viewpoint and Viewpoint PDK 2 different products ie. one for deployment, the other for development ?3- What kind of information Viewpoint could access from Teradata database ? Does it replace the existing administration/management tools/process like Pmon, dbMon, etc ? and which one are already supported from Viewpoint 13.0.2, which one should need to integrate further by developer ?4- Does any tutorial/course for a very beginer/newbie/dummie on how to install/use/configurate/develop with it ?Sorry for some of my silly questions, but I did not see any information so far in the forum which could clarify me.Strongman

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18 Jan 2010

Strongman,You will want to post these questions on the Teradata DevX in the Viewpoint forum. This forum is no longer updated/active.

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03 Mar 2010


Answers to your inquiries.

1- Viewpoint is positioned as a web appliance solution where hardware, OS, foundation software, and portlet bundles all come from Teradata. The full solution is staged, installed, monitored, and supported by Teradata. There are licensing aspects to the Viewpoint appliance software and various portlet bundles.

2- Viewpoint and the portlet bundles are Teradata products. For instance, Teradata Management Portlets is the bundle of portlets that replace the Teradata Manager product. The Portlet Development Kit (PDK) is a freely available portlet development environment allowing custom portlet development leveraging existing widgets and such. The goal here is that you may be looking at a Viewpoint dashboard that has Teradata R&D, Teradata PS, vendor partner, and customer customized portlets in one view but they all look and act the same. The PDK and all PDK docs, questions, etc will be addressed through the Teradata Developer Exchange.

3- Viewpoint has data collectors that get enabled for each Teradata system it is monitoring to pull various information. For instance session information, query counts, lock information, etc. The majority of this information is pulled via the Teradata PMAPI. And yes the intent is that it will provide the same functionality offered in other products today like Teradata Manager and PMON. Over time, these TTU offerings will be discontinued. For instance, Teradata Manager and PMON 13.0 releases will be the last releases of those products.

4- Options for learning about Viewpoint include available classes on the Teradata Education Network and posted documentation (Viewpoint Configuration Guide and Viewpoint User Guide). As mentioned above, all PDK information is on the Teradata Developer Exchange.

Hope that helps.

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