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AVOT 15 posts Joined 03/16
07 Jul 2016
Viewpoint SUSE Compatibility

Hi Teradata Gurus,
We are currently having VP 15.00 hosted on SLES 10.
We are planning to upgrade to VP 15.10 . But can anyone please let me know if VP15.10 is compatible with SLES 10, or do we need to upgrade to SLES 11 to make it compatible with VP 15.10. 
Could you please also provide me a VP and SLES compatibility matrix for versions VP 15( and higher) and SLES 10(and higher). 
Your assistance is appreciated. 

Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
08 Jul 2016

It is, I've been there.
Your CSR should provide you with a matrix, or find on T@YS.

Johannes Vink 28 posts Joined 08/14
11 Jul 2016

VP 15.10 is compatible with SLES10. VP15.11 is only SLES11.
Why not upgrade to SLES11/VP15.11?

AVOT 15 posts Joined 03/16
31 Jul 2016

Thanks guys,
We are now upgrading to SLES11/VP15.11. 

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