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mpatil 5 posts Joined 11/11
10 Oct 2014
Viewpoint Stats Manager problem

Hello All,
We recently got upgraded to 14.10 and we are looking to automate stats.
I found that we have "Automatic Statistics Management" through viewpoint.
Read orange book and set the all things as per it but facing some problem as below,
I have created 1 Analyze job and 1 Collect job for some database for testing purpose if it is working properly or not.
But after executing collect job, Existing stats on those tables did not refresh, It shows status as "Stats notr collected"

I checked all the accesses for StatsManager id which i have created for this purpose and all are in place.
What can be the reason for not collecting this stats?

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
10 Oct 2014

There's not enough detail in this post to be able to provide any quick tips or pointers about how to proceed.  If you think you have everything set up correctly and are still having trouble, then please open a support incident for additional assistance.
Thanks, Steve

HarshaKudumula 83 posts Joined 04/09
17 Oct 2014

Details are not clear enough to provide you the answer. but based on my understanding on your question, Analyze job will give you the recommendation on what columns you can collect the stats. once it is approved and automated, then you can run the collect job which will pickup those columns and then optimizer will determine threshold percentage based on the data change pattern established from history records and internal extrapolation techineques, if the data pattern is already reached and the percentage of data change is less than the data pattern percentage change, then it will skip it otherwise it will collect the stats.

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