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hd185015 8 posts Joined 10/09
21 May 2010
Viewpoint PDK 13.02 API documentation

I have dowloaded, installed and configed the viewpoint PDK 13.02 on my laptop, it's running nicely, have also gone through the tutorials, cookbook etc., so far good.

I am now trying to build my own first portlet, I need to understand what kind of data (and relationship) available to me in the dcs database, and what kinds of libraries (DAOs) I can use to access the data, is there a LDM/PDM for the dcs database and PDK API documentation available?

I am pretty sure there is no documentation in the Viewpoint PDK 13.02 zip file, is there a seperate download somewhere?



hd185015 8 posts Joined 10/09
28 May 2010

I found that all the documentation are in the Viewpoint PDK zip files.

bkartheek 3 posts Joined 01/10
08 Jun 2010

hey can u let me know how to mail the status to a group at a specified time or when some skew factors goes beyond the threshold

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