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mm185159 21 posts Joined 03/11
17 Nov 2014
Viewpoint Login using the Teradata Express VMware version

I'm using Teradata Express 15.0 SLES 10 VMware with Viewpoint.
I have started the viewpoint service from the .png program installed on the VM desktop.
My question is, how do you connect to the vm unix Viewpoint server from IE of Firefox?  I cant even determine the IP address, let alone the port number?!
Any help would be appreciated.

mm185159 21 posts Joined 03/11
18 Nov 2014

Does anyone at least know the port number that Viewpoint is listening on?
If I can't connect with the IP alone, I thought I could try the IP:port syntax and see if that works where the IP address is the VMware instance.
With the IP of the instance I have been able to:
1) Log onto TD 15 database using SQL Assistant/Teradata Adminstrator AND Studio/Studio Express
2) Log onto the server using puTTy.
What is keeping me from getting to the Viewpoint service and logon screen????

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
18 Nov 2014

Viewpoint runs on the same VM as Teradata Database and listens on port 80.

mm185159 21 posts Joined 03/11
19 Nov 2014

Thanks for the info, and yes this works, http://IPaddress:80
I also discovered that this works as well (for those who are interested) thanks to Beatriz Sebastian, http://IPaddress/c
Not sure what the "/c" does exactly, but apparently directs you to port 80

16 Jan 2015

I am trying to connect viewpoint on Firefox which comes with Teradata 15 SLES 10. It is saying "firefox can't establish connection to the server at localhost:9080". kindly help me what all the changes i need to do. even i am unable to open i am spending lot of time to set setting right, but i am unable to figureout. 
Please help me.

Farid Khan pathan

cr255014 23 posts Joined 01/14
18 Jan 2015

Check if viewpoint services are running on your Express VM or not.
Steps to follow.
Service status.
Open Terminal and give below command
#/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ status
If you see Viewpoint service status as unused or any other services are unused then you may start the services with he below command.
#/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ start
Note: PostgreSQL services will not be started by executing above script, to start postgres run
#/etc/init.d/postgresql start
After starting services wait for approx 10-15 minutes for portlets to be initialized, It is a VM on Windows so it takes time.
Port 9080 is not required simply localhost should work for you.
You can test by using WGET command in terminal
#wget localhost:9080
#wget localhost
see if you get login.html or index.html page downloaded.

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