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harshateradata 1 post Joined 08/10
24 Mar 2011
ViewPoint: Is there a way to skip logon option for abort a query or Session

Hi Gurus,
Actually, I saw in Viewpoint User Guide 13.03, that there is option to skip logon option to abort Session or Query. But I dont the way to skip the logon option. we need to skip it because in our client, Users can only logon via LDAP way, but in logon option , it didnt provide Mechanism option to abort a query or a session. Please let me know the steps to ignore logon option to abort Session or Query.


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
24 Mar 2011

There is not a way to skip the logon option when aborting a session. Once you have logged in, your credentials will be cached for the duration of your Viewpoint session so that you don't have to repeatedly enter your username and password. In order to provide effective auditing and permission checking on the Teradata system it is required for you to provide Teradata credentials when performing an abort.

With that said, the release of Viewpoint will contain support for the LDAP mechanism. This release will be available sometime during the week of March 28.

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