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tgorner 4 posts Joined 10/08
14 May 2013
Viewpoint initiation: creation of multiple users

Hi gurus,
I have a group of users who only need to monitor their queries via Viewpoint. They may see each other's queries, they would not have "abort session" rights anyway.
I see 2 possible solutions:

  • one generic VP user for all of them, asociated with all of their Teradata users. Can multiple sessions be connected with a single VP user or they would be treading on each other's toes?
  • create a VP user for each one of them, assign it the right role and configure the portlets to make it look as they expect. This would be at least 1 day of very boring activity. Is there a way to speed things up? Maybe generate a script and run it on the VP server? I'm just trying to avoid a series of mouse-clicks that would have to be done 100 times over and over.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
17 May 2013

To see their own queries, they should be using the My Queries portlet. If you want a group of users to see each others queries but not all queries on the system, then you should setup a Query Group which are configured in the Admin menu. Query groups was released in Viewpoint 13.12 so refer to the release article for more information:

Michaelcanady 11 posts Joined 05/13
11 Jun 2013

thanks for sharing the article it was really a helpful one to understand the my queries portlet


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