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19 Jun 2010
Viewpoint http auto redirect to https

We configured Teradata viewpoint SSL support, which enable users to access the viewpoint server using https connection, now we want to force all the users to use https connect by redirect all http requests to https automatically, could anyone please share some ideas.

hd185015 8 posts Joined 10/09
20 Jun 2010

I managed to get it working, here is what I have done:

1. /opt/teradata/viewpoint/conf/server.xml: make sure non-SSL entry listening on port 80, and redirectPort point to the port on which the SSL is listening.
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hd185015 8 posts Joined 10/09
20 Jun 2010

ops! how to post the code?

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
25 Jun 2010

The documentation for redirecting to HTTPS is in the Teradata Viewpoint Configuration Guide under the "Configure All Viewpoint Access To Be Over SSL" section. This is on page 76 of the 13.03 Configuration Guide available here:

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