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MarkJBrayshaw 6 posts Joined 12/12
02 Jun 2016
Viewpoint Datalabs - 'non existant user' logon faiure

  We recently upgraded our viewpoint from v14.10 to v15.10 and since then I have discovered from DBC.Logonoff that twice hourly a session connection attempt from viewpoint is failing with a bad user supplied.  The clientprogramname contains 'com.teradata.datalabs.dcsplugin.service.impl.RequestS
  I can find nowhere in the documentation nor in the setup screens any information as to what this may be caused by, any ideas?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
07 Jun 2016

The first thing I would ask is if you upgraded Data Lab as well as Viewpoint. I would assume so but wanted to ensure that you had compatibility between the two. Viewpoint 15.10 requires Data Lab 15.10. If not, that may be the problem. 
If you did upgrade both, then you should submit a GSC incident for investigation ... seems to me that there may be an issue with a Teradata account for Data Lab data collection. 

MarkJBrayshaw 6 posts Joined 12/12
13 Jun 2016

Thank you I'll follow that up with support

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