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24 Sep 2014
Viewpoint Clustering Tasks

I have been informed that the manual is not complete for Clustering 2 Viewpoint Servers. This is my amended list of instructions from what I have been told.  Can anyone please check the following and correct/change where required:-

1) Must have two VP servers

2) Must be the same VP release

3) Must be the same time and zone


   Change /etc/hosts file on both systems to each know the other one
   On the Teradata Viewpoint Server - 6700 Alpha
      Add " VP6700CL"
   On the Teradata Viewpoint Server - 6700 Omega
      Add " VP6700BL"
   Test each with 'ping'
   Restart the network?

      Run: /etc/inet.d/network boot

5) Keytab on the primary server - NOT IN THE MANUAL

   Primary = VP6700BL
   Secondary = VP6700CL

   Generate a key pair:-

      /usr/bin/ssh-keygen -t rsa

      ... accept the defaults

   Copy the key to the alternate server:-

      scp /var/lib/pgsql/.ssh/id_rsa.pubroot@vp6700CL :var/lib/pgsql/.ssh/authorized_keys

      ... accept the alternate server's authenticity - type 'yes' and press ENTER
   Type the root password to the alternate server

   Test the public key

      ssh vp6700cl

      ... should connect without a password

   Exit the ssh by typing 'exit'

6) From the primary VP server:-

   Run /opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/
   ... and answer the questions
Tim Edwards.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
28 Sep 2014

If your hosts aren't using DNS and you don't want to use IP addresses (which is the recommendation) then I guess step 4 would be necessary.
Step 5 definitely is not necessary. The cluster setup script configures password-less ssh between the nodes for exchange of files for PostgreSQL clustering.

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