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31 Jul 2016
Viewpoint Cluster Monitor is getting delayed messages.

Hi Tech Gurus,
Please see the following explanation:
1. I have set up a VP cluster for 2 VP servers. VP server A and VP Server B in our DEV environment.
    Active Server 'A' and Standby Server 'B'.
2. Both these clusters are monitored by a VP Cluster Monitor agent software that is hosted on a TMS Monitor and colocated with the Active Server. I have set up the software as mentioned in the Viewpoint Configuration Guider v15.00 on page 70 . Topic name "Configuring Automatic Promotions".
3. I have checked the logs on the vp cluster monitor. Every minute it keeps checking if the active server is online 'A'. The reason for this VP cluster monitor is that in the event the active server goes down then it will make the standby server as the new active server with its own cache. 
4. To test this, I stopped all the Viewpoint services on the active server 'A', I checked the vp cluster monitor logs to check that it will verify that active server is not online. But this is not the case the VP cluster monitor gets the message after one hour that the active server is down and will run the script and make the standby server as the new active server pointing to its local cache.  
It will change the file on both the active and standby server as follows:
active database host = Server B (The original standby server)
standby database host = null. 
5. My question is that why does the vp cluster monitor take one hour to know that the active server is down and promote the standby server as the new active server. 
Your asssitance is gratefully appreciated. 

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