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31 Jul 2016
Viewpoint Cluster cache database replication question

Hello Gurus,
I have a viewpoint cluster question?
1. I have set up a VP cluster between the active server 'A' and standby server 'B'. 
2. The active server runs the active dcs collection updating its local db cache(postgressql). The dcs on the standby server B points to the cache db on the active server and then the replication occurs. What I mean is how do we know that the database replication is occuring between the active server and standby server. Is there any statistics that we can check that 'X' number of files have been moved from dcs on the active server to the dcs on the standby server. 

AVOT 15 posts Joined 03/16
31 Jul 2016

Also forgot to mention in my original question. 
3. The active server is running dcs service and updating the active cache db on the active server 'A'. The standby server's dcs service is pointing to the active server's database cache. In the event if the whole of the active server goes down due to an unexpected event how is the informaton from the active database cache is transferred to warm database cache on the standby server. 
OK Lets be clear. Assume the active server(the whole server) has gown down at 12:00 pm, and the standby server will take over and run the dcs collection on its standby cache database at 12:02. The information is lost between 12:00 pm and 12:02pm. How the warm database cache restore the data that it is lost between the 2 minutes. My concern is that we have lost 2 data for two minutes. 

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