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LUCAS 56 posts Joined 06/09
19 Jun 2012
Viewpoint CHANGE PRIORITY command


I have experienced some difficulties when trying to change the priority of a session (Viewpoint 13.11 previously and now Viewpoint 14):

sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't !

I can change the priority for a session, and the next attempt is not even possible, with a somewhat  "inactivated display", 

i mean no access at all to the next steps...

Logout/Logon does not give access again.

Is it a client-side trouble ? or a Viewpoint issue ?

Details: IE 7 , Windows XP/SP3

Thanks for help,


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
19 Jun 2012


I'm not aware of any issues related to changing the priority of a session.  If you continue to experience this issue, please open a support incident so that we can properly troubleshoot the issue.


LUCAS 56 posts Joined 06/09
27 Jun 2012


Some details and news: one attempt to change priority at session level for a user was successful, and a second one too for another session of the same user, but no way to change other users priority.

Thus after a cleaning operation to lighten Viewpoint in memory (removal of portlets and reducing the number of pages displayed in Query Spotlight portlet).

I have no idea of a link or constraint between Viewpoint administrator account and database active users ...



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