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hd185015 8 posts Joined 10/09
15 Dec 2010
Viewpoint Cache database data migration

We are planning to retire the existing viewpoint hardwares (13.03), replace with new hardwares(13.10 and 24GB memory), the question is how can migrate the Cache database data to the new server?

Options we can think of are:

Option 1: backup and restore to the new cache database, but are the two version of metadata structure the same? do we need to downgrade the 13.10 to 13.03 first, then upgrade after the restore?

Option 2: config into cluster and use the PostgreSQL Replication, same question with option 1

Option 3: use the /opt/teradata/dcs/bin/ and documented in the configration guilde page 70, but this seem used for migrate from from priori postgreSQL 8.3.5 to 8.3.5, does this also work for my case?

any commets would be appreciate.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
20 Dec 2010

The quick answer is yes this can be done and it is going to use the cache backup and restore as part of the process. Instead of documenting the procedure here in the forum, I'd suggest submitting a GSC incident to ensure proper customer change controls and CS assistance in making this a successful hardware and software upgrade.

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