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anujh 22 posts Joined 05/11
10 Jul 2013
Viewpoint and PDCR

Isnt there a duplication of effort in collection of performance metrics and reporting of the system by both Viewpoint and  PDCR.  is there any plan to integrate them into one.

anujh 22 posts Joined 05/11
17 Jul 2013

anybody ?

PaulEr 5 posts Joined 04/12
04 Aug 2013

Viewpoint and PDCR are not a duplication information.
But, there are some plans to move PDCR at separate portlets in Viewpoint in the future (I think :)).

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
06 Aug 2013

Some people think PDCR portlets means Teradata R&D is taking ownership of PDCR. To be clear, PDCR remains a Teradata PS offering for the foreseeable future. However Teradata PS has created some Viewpoint PDCR portlets that come with that offer. 

anujh 22 posts Joined 05/11
27 Aug 2013

Both Viewpoint and PDCR sseems to be collecting the same information on key system metrics CPU, Concurrency, SQL,Space, canaries. There is some difference but its going down which each increment version of VP.
You can look at the query performance using query spotlight. you can monitor space,
One major difference I saw was you could extract information from PDCR into excel reports.. and VP has improved a lot on that over incremental versions.
There are lot of reports on Capacity and workload management which are not there currenlty on VP .. 

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