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AVOT 15 posts Joined 03/16
14 Apr 2016
Viewpoint Admin user cannot login into Data Labs Portlet..

Hello all Teradata Gurus
Your assistance is really appreciated. 
1. I downloaded the VM for TD 15.0 on SLES 11 with Viewpoint.
2. I started Viewpoint services
3. I logged into the Viewpoint using the default user credentials
Username : admin
Password : teradata
4. In the settings I added a monitored system named TDExp_1 and entered the general system details as follows
TDPID : localhost
SiteID : localhost
Enabled the system
Enabled all authentication options
Selected time zone 
and left all other options as default. 
I saved the settings for the monitored system.
4. I added the data labs portlet and tried to connect using the same defaul admin user.
5. I cannot login and it mentions that userid, password or account is invalid.
6. I checked all of the following options to see if I made any mistake
    - Enabled the data labs portlet for the default admin user
    - Reset the default admin password.
    - Checked all authentication settings
I have exhausted all the options and cannot figure out what the hell did I miss.
Please assist.  

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
15 Apr 2016

When logging into Data Labs, you need to provide credentials for the Teradata Database, not Viewpoint.  So try dbc/dbc assuming you haven't changed the default database password.

AVOT 15 posts Joined 03/16
17 Apr 2016

Thanks Steve

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