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JJCrum 8 posts Joined 06/07
28 Sep 2010
Viewpoint 13.10 upgrade issues

We just upgraded to Viewpoint 13.10 from 13.03 and we are having issues with users' credentials. It appears that if LDAP authentication is enabled then users can logon to Viewpoint by entering a username without the password. This means that if someone knows the id of an administrator they could gain access to portlets that they might not otherwise have access to. Has anyone else seen this behaviour with your 13.10 install?


stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
29 Sep 2010

The likely cause of this is setting up Viewpoint to authenticate against an LDAP server with anonymous bind enabled. This is the behavior in both Viewpoint 13.03 and 13.10 and is unrelated to upgrading to Viewpoint 13.10.

snorris 1 post Joined 12/10
02 Dec 2010

Are you having any additional issues with Viewpoint 13.10?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
04 Dec 2010

As Steve mentions, the LDAP issue described here is unrelated to Viewpoint 13.10 release or upgrade. Viewpoint 13.10 has been a very stable release with ~35% of the entire Viewpoint community already running that release.

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