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Garyadmin 8 posts Joined 05/10
10 Jun 2010
Viewpoint 13.03 Query Monitor

Having a small-ish issue with the new query monitor portlet - the list of sessions isn't showing the WORKLOAD name (very important to us) and when you drill down on the session, we get eg 'WORKLOAD unknown (id=9)' . Have considered whether its an accessrights issue, but our viewpoint userid already has select access on all DBC and TDWM objects , how can we check that the portlet SQL is running correctly (or whether is has hit some sort of problem) - so any advice would be welcome!

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
10 Jun 2010

This probably constitutes a GSC incident but maybe we can just solve it here through a few recommendations. If there is a display lacking the expected data, this usually points to a Viewpoint data collector.

So the first thing to check is under the Admin menu and specifically the "Teradata Systems" option. Choose the Teradata system that is expected to offer TASM information. Once the specific system is highlighted, check on the "Data Collectors" option. A list of the data collectors will appear. If there is an issue with one, a red ! indicator will be displayed that then allows drill down to a log entry with the details of the issue.

Or this could simply be that one of the key data collectors is not enabled. Both the "TASM Config" and "TASM State" collectors must be enabled for the active workload name to be properly associated with the session information displayed in Query Monitor. Check to ensure these have been activated.

Let us know how it goes.

Garyadmin 8 posts Joined 05/10
15 Jun 2010

Hi - yes - worked perfectly, now shows the workload - I didn't have the TASM collectors enabled - thanks

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