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makaveli0129 9 posts Joined 07/11
06 Nov 2013
Viewing Queries

We have several queries that sometimes get stuck in response mode. Is there a way to real time see what the queryid is of a query that is currently in response mode? Using the following:
SEL a.*,
FROM dbc.qrylog a
     LEFT OUTER JOIN dbc.qrylogsql b
       ON a.queryid = b.queryid
      AND a.procid = b.procid;
I can see queries in the past (about a 15 minute delay) but i'm looking for real time based on sessions. I want to be able to see the currently executing query that is in response mode. Viewpoint does not show the sql or any information on the query when it is in response mode and if it's a query that executes fast but returns billions of row using the rewind feature doesn't capture the query either.
Any advice or idea's on this?

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
11 Nov 2013

There's not much that can be done to address this in Viewpoint.  Once the query finishes execution and is in responding mode, the SQL is no longer available from the database.

Didious 2 posts Joined 03/14
01 Mar 2014

the sessions in the state 'ResponseTime' are very disadvantageous, particularly when they remain in this state for several hours ...
How to get an alert with Viewpoint (14.10) ?

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