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zct0357 6 posts Joined 06/14
25 Jun 2014
Using LDAP to create and authenticate Viewpoint users

It sounds like several people in this forum are using LDAP to create and authenticate Viewpoint userids.  Has anyone documented the step-by-step process they used to implement LDAP authentication for Viewpoint that they could share with an LDAP novice?  I realize the process will vary somewhat from site to site, but a step-by-step procedure based on an actual implementation would probably be more helpful than the high level description in the Viewpoint reference manual.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
26 Jun 2014

Not sure what you mean by the "Viewpoint reference manual" but Viewpoint offers a "User Guide" and a "Configuration Guide". The user guide has a high level LDAP overview but the configuration guide offers two multi-page sections, one for configuring LDAP and the other for information on LDAP servers. I think the configuration guide should provide the guidance you are requesting. There's obviously some customer specific aspects of LDAP that you will need to know for implementation.

TDUser2000 17 posts Joined 07/12
03 Dec 2014

Hello Gary,
I have configured the LDAP server on Viewpoint(13.10). The authentication is successfull but not able to login.The first name & last name is appearing as 'Unknown Given Name' and 'Unknown Last Name' respectively.
I am using DN Pattern Bind.
I am not sure what information to provide for the 'Key User Information '  and whether it is the reason for failure in authentication.
Could you please suggest.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
03 Dec 2014

Not sure what it means that "authentication is successful but not able to log in".  Isn't authentication and logging in the same thing?  The first and last name that show up are controlled by the settings in the LDAP Servers admin portlet.  You need to define the attributes on the user LDIF that contain the first name, last name, and email address in your company's LDAP server.
I would also suggest upgrading Viewpoint.  The latest release is 15.00, so you are several releases behind.  Viewpoint 15.00 supports back to Teradata Database 13.00.

MarkJBrayshaw 6 posts Joined 12/12
11 May 2016

I have a related question. I set up LDAP authentication on our production viewpoint server and it has been working well. However, I have found that when a user successfully connects using LDAP, their email address is overwritten.  At this site, LDAP and AD are not synched and mail accounts are managed via AD, so when I create a user I manually enter their email address, when they logon via LDAP their email address get changed to <ldap account name>@unknown.   Is there a way to stop Viewpoint from overwriting the email address - the alternative is that I turn of LDAP authentication for the DataLabs administrator - which will not sit well with the security administration.

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