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04 Mar 2012
Using Filters to Disable logons through Viewpoint

Would like to know if filters are a good way to dis-allow logon connections to database for selected groups  and/or profiles?  I suspect sessions already connected to database will not be filtered?  Is this correct?

Looking to use filters to control access to database while performing updates or runing batch processing.


Would appreciate any/all insights.  Thanks!


gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
06 Mar 2012

If you are attempting to control "sessions", then a session throttle could be leveraged. Session requests exceeding a session throttle will be rejected. Connected sessions and running queries are past system filter and system throttle consideration as those are both pre-processing mechanisms. For instance with TASM, if I enter a new operating period and I have running queries above a new implemented throttle limit, it will have no impact on the running queries. Queued queries would need to wait though until the running total was back in compliance to the throttle before they would be released. So if you have TASM, you could set up a state matrix planned event for the batch processing where you could implement a session throttle. Similar to the query example, this would not however affect existing connected sessions. 

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