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30 May 2013
TASM - Priority Distribution and CPU Limit

I vaguely recall setting up TASM years ago before Viewpoint and we were encouraged to keep back a small percentage of CPU from the system.  I think we may have set the CPU limit for the system to something like 96%.  I do not recall where exactly that setting was made in Priority Scheduler.  We have since migrated from TASM using TDWM to TASM on Viewpoint and I'm trying to find where that same setting can be made. 
I believe it is under the Workloads area, under the Priority Distribution tab.  At the bottom there is a label that says "System Values" and a check box that says "CPU Limit".  It is currently not checked.  I'm guessing this is where that limiting can be done and it didn't make it over in our migration.
Does anyone know exactly what that box does?  If not checked, does the system have access to 100% of the CPU on that system.  Are there any rules of thumb or methods for determining a value less than 100% that anyone uses?
Thank  for your help,

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