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usmans 39 posts Joined 01/13
15 Jul 2013
TASM Exception and TASM Filters

Hello all,
Is there any way in TASM to set up an exception to abort queries based on the time in which they are in "acive state"?
For example, if a query is in delayed state for half an hour and then it goes into active state (the total time on system is half hour but I would consider this the start time and if the start time crosses 1 hour, the query should abort)
If I put the exception on "Duration" that time would include (time in active state + time in delayed state) and this is not working for me.
Can you please let me know if exception can be done on "active state" time?

--Regards Usmans
teraforsk 11 posts Joined 05/12
05 Aug 2013

Have you tried the "Elapsed TIme" in the exception criteria? I believe that should give you the time since the query came into the active state.

usmans 39 posts Joined 01/13
25 Aug 2013

Hello Teraforsk,
The "Elapsed Time" criteria is the total time which the query was present on the system. Like I said, it is the sum of the time the query was in delayed state because of TASM settings and the time the query was actually processed by CPU.
What I want is to be able to place an exception on the time, the query was actually processed and not on the total time the query was present on the system.


m.tahoon 43 posts Joined 09/11
22 Dec 2014

i Recall this shoud be a new Feature in 15.10 or maybe already implemented in 15, not sure; but not on 14/14.10

carrie 21 posts Joined 04/08
08 Jan 2015

In 15.10, you will have two new TASM options when you add a new exception to a workload in Workload Designer and the exception criteria is Elapsed Time.  The first option is to exclude blocked time, and the second is exclude throttle delay time.  So once you get on 15.10 you will be able to do what you describe above.
Currently, there is no way to do that as a TASM exception.
Thanks, -Carrie

HarshaKudumula 83 posts Joined 04/09
20 Apr 2015

Thanks Carrie, are you talking about DBMS version or Viewpoint Version? i beleive it is Viewpoint? pelase confirm.

Jmeher 6 posts Joined 11/14
15 Jul 2015

Whenever any SQL session at database is not responding since long(1 hr), then it is recommended to kill that session at database level.
In which scenario the db session is hanged and required DB to restart?

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