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southsong 5 posts Joined 02/10
01 Sep 2010
System Health portlet

Is there a way to rename system health status in the System Health Portlet from say, 'Degraded' / 'Healthy' / 'Critical' to something like 'Busy' or 'Very Busy' etc?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
01 Sep 2010

Excellent question and something requested before. Bad news is that you can't do this quite yet ... the good news is that it is planned for our next Viewpoint release. Target is late Q4 / early Q1. Hang in there for a few more months.

SeanM 2 posts Joined 04/11
02 Feb 2012

Is it possible to change the system name in the system health portlet to a custom name for my own personal viewing?

For example the system is called XDFYKQW36 as defined in Viewpoint. But I may want to rename it to "PROD".


Is that enabled today or planned?


Maybe have the ability to have your own nickname, so it would display as:


PROD (XDFYKQW36) or the other way around...

svsr99 1 post Joined 08/06
02 Feb 2012

I like the suggestion as it is important to us when multiple systems are registered in viewpoint, it would make sense to rename or alias with custom name. Will wait to hear back from gurus..

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
03 Feb 2012

That ability is not available in Viewpoint. The idea of the System Health portlet is to give everyone using it the same view of the system. My concern around allowing a system name change by user would be the consistency of reporting and understanding is then altered. A couple examples.

Three people call in and complain about the performance of the Dev, Test, and Wisconsin Teradata systems, none of which is known by the DBA as these are custom alias names that various users have assigned. 

I have access to two Teradata systems which I rename Prod and Test unkowning that another Teradata system named "Test" already exists although I didn't know about it because I didn't have access to it. 

So I'm hesitant to let individual users alias the system names themselves. I would ask for some other use cases of why this may be needed. 

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