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lanelarson 1 post Joined 06/09
25 Oct 2011
SQL Scratchpad sessions remain in responding state

Our business users just started using the SQL Scratchpad in Viewpoint for their adhoc queries and I've noticed that their sessions remain in the responding state after they run a query. I am not sure why they don't go to the idle state but since they are in responding they never go away. Has anyone else run into this situation?

Thanks in advance for any help.

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
25 Oct 2011

The request would stay in responding state when the result set contains more than one page of data.  This allows the user to access subsequent pages of data without having to execute the query again.

30 Jan 2012

Me too in similar dilemma..Its not going away and stays back in RESPONDING state!!

Pls. help..

Appreciate your valuable Inputs.

Teradata NooB.

zby 1 post Joined 11/09
13 Sep 2012

We have the similar problem in different SW, which uses Teradata JDBC v.14

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