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Sivakumar.thota 3 posts Joined 01/13
15 Apr 2014
Spool Alert on Viewpoint 14.10

I am trying to create an alert to monitor spool usage at the session level.  I want to send an alert only when any session uses 5 TB spool for 30 mins. I don't see any option to mention the time limit in the alert settings.
Any suggestions on how to go for this scenario?

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
22 Apr 2014

Submit an enhancement request for a new alert type. 

frnewbrough 41 posts Joined 03/08
15 May 2014

You can also leverage Open APIs to do this. Its not difficult. I implemented a similiar idea at a client using a shell script. It is especially useful when you have a single account sharing spool with hundreds of users as is the case with many BI implementations. I've linked to the Application programming reference which has information and examples on how to use the Open API. Have fun.
Here are some basic components that you may find useful:

     SELECT hostid,username ,sessionNo,reqspool
     TABLE (MonitorSession(-1,'*',0)) AS t2
     --WHERE username='dwapp001' 
     ORDER BY reqspool;

  /* Abort sessions selectively for a user */ SEL 'SELECT AbortSessions(' ||
     TRIM(A.Hostid)||','||''''||TRIM(A.UserName) || '''' ||','|| CAST(A.SessionNo AS FLOAT
     FORMAT'zzzzz9999') || ','||''''|| 'Y' || ''''
     ||','|| ''''|| 'N' || '''' || ');' (TITLE '')
     FROM (
     SELECT hostid,username ,sessionNo
     TABLE (MonitorSession(-1,'*',0)) AS t2
   --  WHERE username='dwapp001' 
     ) A ORDER BY username;

Sivakumar.thota 3 posts Joined 01/13
30 Jun 2014

Hi Gary,
I have another issue in Spool Alert in Viewpoint, I created an alert in viewpoint if the spool usage is greater than 1 TB(524880 MB), But, we are receiving alerts for 100 GB spool usage also, Is there any skew calculation included in this spool usage calcualtion here?

stever 149 posts Joined 08/09
30 Jun 2014

There is a known bug with the session spool alert calculation in Viewpoint 14.10.  Even though the screen where you enter the alert indicates the data should be entered in MB, it's actually saved and alerted on like the value is in bytes.  As a workaround, you can enter the value in bytes.
This issue has been fixed in Viewpoint  The JIRA issue number is VP-32656.

Sivakumar.thota 3 posts Joined 01/13
30 Jun 2014

Thanks Steve..

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